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What are the structures of automatic packaging production lines?

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composition of automatic packaging production line:
there are many types of automatic packaging line and different products are packaged, but generally speaking, it is mainly composed of automatic packaging machine, conveying device, auxiliary process device, control system, etc
1. Automatic packaging machine
automatic packaging machine is a kind of machine that does not need the direct participation of operators, and each mechanism can automatically realize coordinated action and complete the packaging operation within the specified time. It is the main process equipment in the automatic packaging production line and the main body of the automatic line. Its actions mainly include the transportation and supply of packaging materials (or packaging containers) and packaged materials, quantification, filling, encapsulation, labeling, etc. Such as various filling machines, filling machines, cartoning machines, packing machines, strapping machines, etc
2. Conveying device
conveying device is an important device that connects all automatic packaging machines to make it an automatic line. It is not only responsible for the transmission of the packaging process, but also makes the packaging materials (or packaging containers) and packaged articles enter the automatic line, and the finished products leave the automatic line. The commonly used conveying devices on automatic lines are generally divided into gravity type, power type and other devices
gravity conveyor. It uses the gravity of the goods to overcome the friction in the conveying process to complete the conveying, so it does not need power, and its structure is relatively simple. However, such devices can only be transported from high to low, and the transportation time is difficult to ensure accurately. Common gravity conveying devices include auxiliary conveying trough, roller track and pulley conveying track
power conveyor. It uses the drive of power source (usually motor) to transport goods. It is the most commonly used conveying device in packaging line. It can not only realize the transportation from high to low, but also realize the transportation from low to high, and the transportation speed is stable and reliable. Commonly used power conveying devices include belt conveyor, power raceway, chain conveyor and chain plate conveyor
other conveying devices. In order to adapt to the characteristics of different materials, there are some special conveying devices. For example, for iron and steel materials, magnetic conveying device can be used; For some circular or thin articles with small mass, friction belt conveyor can be used
3. Control system
in the automatic packaging line, the control system plays a role similar to the human nervous system. It connects all the equipment in the automatic line into an organic whole. It mainly includes work cycle control device, signal processing device and detection device. With the progress of science, various new technologies, such as photoelectric control, numerical control technology and computer control, are widely used in the automatic line, making its control system more perfect, more reliable and more efficient
4. Auxiliary process devices
in the automatic packaging line, in order to meet the process requirements and make the automatic line work coordinately, some auxiliary process devices need to be configured, such as steering device, shunting device, confluence device, etc
steering gear. It is to change the conveying direction of the packaged goods or change its conveying state. There are many structural forms, which should be adopted according to different articles and shapes
shunt device. In order to balance the production rhythm and improve the productivity, after the front packaging machine completes the processing, it needs to be shunted to several packaging machines to complete the subsequent processes, which is completed by the shunting device. The commonly used shunting devices include stop arm type, right angle type, valve type, steering roller type, swing type, guide rail sliding plate type, etc
confluence device. To connect multiple packaging machines in the previous process and one packaging machine in the subsequent process, a confluence device must be set. Common confluence devices include push plate type, guide plate type, rotary disc type, etc
the automatic packaging production line, also known as the automatic packaging line, is to connect the automatic packaging machine and relevant auxiliary equipment with the conveying device according to the packaging process, and then equipped with the necessary automatic detection, control, adjustment and compensation device and automatic feeding device, so as to have the ability of automatic control, and make the packaged goods and packaging materials, packaging auxiliary materials Packaging containers, etc. complete the working system of the whole process of commodity packaging according to the predetermined packaging requirements, process requirements and processes.

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