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What are the specific requirements for FBA pallets sent from China to the United States

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III. pallet packaging /palletizing & nbsp

1) palletizing is encouraged for all LTL (less than truck load) and TL (truck load) goods, but ground unloading and small cargo are also acceptable. In addition to container transportation, a firm and flat top of the pallet should be built so that the pallet can be stacked to improve the utilization rate of the truck& nbsp;

2) when palletizing the cargo cartons, the carton label on the pallet should face outward, so that the barcode on each carton can be scanned directly without opening the pallet& nbsp;

3) use GMA grade B or higher pallet, size: 1m x1 25m, 4-sided, wooden tray, GMA 1A grade tray for food commodities. If a single large commodity is in use, 1m x1 If the edge of a 25m pallet will exceed the pallet, it is necessary to use a pallet with a size and type more suitable for this commodity& nbsp;

4) do not use damaged or missing pallets; CHEP pallets meet the standards of GMA grade 1a and 1b and are acceptable, but only limited to food and personal care and beauty products. Amazon does not support the exchange and return of CHEP pallets& nbsp;

5) do not place goods on pallets made of fragile materials, such as cardboard boxes or particle boards& nbsp;

6) do not put the shipped goods on the Peco pallet, because they cannot be moved by the standard pallet elevator& nbsp;

7) only one SKU can be stacked on a pallet, regardless of the quantity allowed& nbsp;

8) when more than one SKUs are shipped on a pallet, separate the SKUs so that errors will not be caused during receipt. A “mixed SKU” warning label needs to be pasted on the tray; & nbsp;

9) stack the cartons on the tray. All sides should be stacked flush. If possible, stack the bricks. It is recommended to stack the heaviest goods at the bottom; & nbsp;

10) do not let the cartons exceed the edge of the tray; & nbsp;

11) the standard height of the tray – the height of the tray can be 127cm (short) or 254cm (high) , two short pallets can be stacked in two layers to become a large high pallet, but not any height pallet is allowed. In order to maximize the use of truck space, the freight efficiency of double-layer stacked pallets is the greatest. The size of the tray is 127cm (114cm is the inventory and + 13cm is the tray height) & nbsp

12) palletizing must be close to the standard height, allowing pallet gaps and stacking opportunities. When the double-layer stacked pallets cannot be stacked due to product characteristics, the height of the pallet can be 272cm (259cm goods + 13cm pallet height), leaving a minimum gap of 8cm from the top of the pallet to the top of the container (the height of the standard trailer is 280cm) & nbsp

13) if the goods on all pallets exceed 183cm, they must be approved by the operation of squeeze clamp truck. If the goods cannot be squeezed and clamped, they cannot be selected with this pallet& nbsp;

14) no matter what kind of pallet is selected, the gross weight of the pallet cannot exceed 1500 lbs /680 kg& nbsp;

15) support the carton with winding film to ensure that the winding film completely covers the goods on the pallet, which can prevent movement during transportation and ensure the stability of stacked pallets during transportation. Transparent stretch wrap (vs. black) is preferred. Corner plates are used to help protect and maintain the stability of cartons in transportation. The goods should be loaded on the pallet in a stable way, so that when the winding film is removed, the goods will not be easy to overturn and will be stable on the pallet& nbsp;

16) arrange double-layer stacked pallets so that forklifts can enter the two pallets from the same side, maintain at least 8cm between the pallet stack and the container walls, and cannot stack the pallet goods sent to Amazon with the pallet goods of other guests& nbsp;

17) pallet exchange or borrowing return is not supported in U.S. warehouses& nbsp;

18) the shipping pallet of TL (truck load) goods shall use the “turned” configuration. This is two rows of 48 Inch /122cm Trailer width and 40 inch /102CM length pallets (as shown in the figure). This provides the best overall utilization and shipping stability& nbsp;

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