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What are the purposes of baking food packaging

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when the central part of bread and cake cools to about 35 ℃, it should be packaged immediately. If you continue to be exposed to the air for a long time, bread and other products will be very easy to age, infect mold, lose too much water and affect the flavor

1. Delayed product aging

the bread after starch aging is hard and dry, the core is inelastic, and it is easy to break and fall when slicing. This not only affects the flavor, but also reduces the digestion and absorption rate of the human body. Aging is an inevitable trend in bread storage, but the packaged products can delay the aging effect. The reason is that the bread is stored in a relatively constant humidity state, which is not easy to lose water. It can delay the water phase separation of starch colloid, and the water loss of colloid is also an important reason for aging
2. Prevent pollution and mildew
bread, as a direct edible food, requires cleaning and hygiene to prevent pollution of dirt and fungi in the process of storage, transportation and sales; The moisture content of bread epidermis is generally about 12 ~ 16%. If the temperature and humidity are appropriate and there is mold infection, it will be a very moldy and deteriorated food. Although in recent years, some manufacturers have added anti mildew agents and other measures to prevent mildew and deterioration in summer, mildew can not be avoided if they are not properly packaged. The packaged finished products can prevent infection in contact with air, containers and hands and prolong the storage life. If the anti mildew agent is applied in the formula and the packaging material with good waterproof property can be used, the experiment shows that it can be stored for half a month under the conditions of 32 ~ 35 ℃ and 90% relative humidity; Bread without mildew inhibitor has good sealing performance in packaging and can be maintained for 7 days. However, under the same conditions, if the bread without packaging can only be stored for 2 days, it can be seen that packaging is important to prevent mildew
3. Prevent damage
bread may not only be polluted, but also be damaged and incomplete in storage, transportation and sales. In particular, products with soft texture or sprayed slurry on the surface are more likely to occur. Packaging bread with film can not only avoid mutual friction and breakage, but also play the role of shock absorption and prevent collision and damage the integrity of appearance. For products that are easy to flatten or have coating on the surface, it is advisable to use transparent plastic tray for protection, and then wrap film
4. Beautify the goods and improve the value
the packaged products are very eye-catching due to the novel patterns and gorgeous colors, which beautify the goods and improve the product grade. Packaging can also promote the nutritional characteristics of products. It can be said that packaging is also a form of advertising, making products well-known.

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