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What are the procedures for business meetings

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I’m a newly graduated college student. Now I’m doing business meetings for tourism. I don’t know the process of undertaking business meetings. I hope any senior can give me a detailed business conference undertaking process. Thank you. Wait online.

the basic process of meeting undertaking is as follows:
I. contact:
when the customer has the intention of meeting, we will ask the other party to provide some detailed plans as much as possible, so as to facilitate the later planning and scheme preparation

II. Planning:
according to the basic requirements of the customer’s meeting, plan the basic scheme of the meeting: location selection, hotel selection, schedule, meeting items, catering arrangement, pick-up arrangement, etc. each detail must consider the customer’s affordability and satisfaction

III. scheme provision:
communicate the basic planning ideas with customers and form a written scheme for customers’ filing and approval in their units

IV. preliminary investigation:
after some basic exchanges in the early stage, customers generally choose to conduct on-site investigation of the planning scheme, and we will provide all assistance

v. contract:
after the investigation is satisfactory, sign the contract and write all the contents involved in the reception, and the details are very important; Although the front is a little cumbersome, many related problems in the back are solved very smoothly

VI. advance payment:
after signing the contract, I require a certain advance payment, so that the whole meeting process can be smooth, because advance payment is required for hotel reservation and vehicle reservation; If advance payment is not provided, our order may be cancelled at any time; This is an irreparable trouble, especially when there are a large number of people in the meeting

VII. Reservation:
this is something we must operate carefully. Book some reception units related to the contract, and the advance payment that should be paid must be in place

VIII. Reception:
reception is the core part of the whole meeting, including shuttle, meeting arrangement, room arrangement, car arrangement, activity organization, etc., which should be operated in strict accordance with the contract. Of course, some emergencies or standard increases and decreases should be adjusted at any time

IX. meeting summary and settlement:
at the end of the meeting, both parties carefully summarize the situation of the meeting, check various documents, and perform accounting in strict accordance with the contract
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business conference planning is generally not simple, and it is easy to make mistakes. You have been busy for a long time and have no effect, and you have spent a lot of money. You can find a professional conference planning company to provide you with customized conference implementation scheme, including business planning + equipment leasing + stage construction + lighting adjustment + visual design one-stop service, which saves time and effort, and the price is more appropriate.

business meetings refer to large-scale meetings with a commercial nature, generally including new product publicity, annual meeting of the company, business banquet and other large-scale meetings. The people attending the meeting include the company’s legal representative or senior management. Therefore, business meetings have high requirements for the meeting environment, so business meetings are a great test for the person in charge of planning. Everything from the choice of venue to accommodation and transportation should be arranged orderly, because only careful preparation can ensure the perfection of a meeting

combined with the flow chart, we will introduce several key links in detail

01 site selection

near the company: there are a large number of peers, upstream and downstream enterprises and relevant media near the company, with accurate audience and guaranteed attendance

along the subway: convenient transportation to ensure the attendance of guests and media

sufficient parking space in the parking lot: convenient for participants and VIP parking

meeting the standard of venue Hardware: first, the decoration style should be as simple as possible to set off the theme of the Forum; Secondly, the floor height of the main venue should be more than 5 meters as far as possible, and there should be no columns in the hall; Finally, the part of knocking on the blackboard comes. The venue must be 20% larger than the area estimated by your head, because the forum will set up a stage area

characteristic experience: the tea breaks in some venues can be made into exquisite shapes to give guests a good experience and make guests happy to spread. This is a win for details

02 meeting invitation

the invitation requirements for business meetings will be higher, and the meeting invitation is also a part of the meeting publicity

conference packaging: content packaging for heavyweight guests, H5 conference invitation form has better effect

ensure notification efficiency: external meetings are not as participatory and popular as colleagues in the company, so multi type notification methods are more suitable

warm tips: the details of the meeting invitation can be reflected in the traffic route, local weather and surrounding accommodation

important persons and guests communicate individually on key points

03 electronic check-in

self service check-in not only saves the cost of the organizer, but also allows the guests to check in by themselves, so that the guests have a greater degree of freedom and sense of participation. The organizer can display the QR code of sign in on site, and participants can scan the code for sign in or locate the authorized sign in after entering the venue

04 meeting link design

in the link design, it is necessary to distinguish the priority from the priority, so as to gradually guide the emotions of guests, create experience and convey information
opening: the opening link usually has the following settings: opening video, host’s opening speech, opening performance, opening video + interactive performance (high-tech such as human screen interaction), etc. a very shocking opening can quickly attract everyone’s attention and focus on the discussion of relevant forums

guest speech: after the opening, we usually invite big people in the industry (preferably some government or association background) to make an opening speech to analyze the general situation, interpret industry policies and point out industry trends, so as to help improve the vision of the normal forum

interaction: it is suggested to intersperse interactive links during the activity to improve the sense of conference atmosphere

05 emergency measures

you can’t relax your nerves before the end of the meeting. You should prepare some countermeasures for possible emergencies in the venue. The organization personnel must maintain good psychological quality and minimize the impact as far as possible

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