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What are the problems of domestic food packaging bags

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first, look at the appearance
the appearance of qualified food packaging bags is free of bubbles, perforation and other defects. And the deviation of width and length is within a certain range. If it exceeds or has defects, it is an unqualified packaging bag
Second, good performance
qualified ones can withstand a certain degree of tension during use, and cracks during use are unqualified
Third, look at hygiene
unqualified ones can detect heavy metals, residues and other substances that are not conducive to human health. At the same time, residues will also affect the quality of food. Such packaging bags are often very harmful to human body. Qualified food packaging bags are often hygienic to ensure food quality
Fourth, look at the degradation performance
according to the type of degradation, it can be divided into light, biology and environment. It can reflect the impact on the environment after the packaging bag is discarded. If it is degraded well, the packaging bag can become debris under the action of light and other organisms. This is what qualified food packaging bags must have. Unqualified ones cannot be decomposed and are easy to form pollution.

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