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What are the preparations for the meeting?

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I. before the meeting

1. Negotiate with the conference host

2. Provide air tickets, accommodation hotels, meeting places, transportation and other information required for the meeting. And formulate a complete conference plan to the conference Party

3. Send special personnel to assist customers to investigate the food, housing, conference venue, tourism, entertainment and other related aspects of the place where the conference is held

4. Determine the scheme, sign the contract and advance the deposit

II. In meeting

1. Meeting reception: a specially assigned person shall be responsible for the etiquette, pick-up, key research and other services of the airport and station. Place welcome amplitude modulation, welcome signs, sign in counters, signs, etc. in the hotel and conference room in advance

2. Preparation before the meeting: prepare the meeting materials, meeting supplies, meeting speeches and other meeting related items required for the meeting

3.  Meeting place: a specially assigned person shall go to the meeting room to check the banners, lights, sound, tea, etc. of the meeting room

4. Meeting accommodation: confirm the room floor and room number, and ask whether there are special requirements

5.  Conference Catering: confirmation of meal time, meal standard and special guests (Hui people)

6. Conference tourism: confirm the itinerary of tourist routes, vehicles and whether the tour guide adds scenic spots

7. Conference Entertainment: confirmation of entertainment consumption form, consumption standard and entertainment place

8.  Conference services: group photos of conference representatives, secretarial services and related services for representatives

III. after the meeting

1. Settlement: provide detailed cost details and instructions during the meeting, and assign special personnel to check with customers and settle accounts

2. Data: collect data after the meeting, and make conference address book or roster according to customers’ requirements

principles needing attention

first, establish clear objectives
for any commercial company, if it wants to make the meeting valuable, it must have a clear purpose. Get what you need through the meeting, provide the corresponding value to the participants, and return the investment

II. Improve the collection and analysis of information

the collection of information is extremely important, including understanding the needs of customers (see the appendix – customer demand analysis sheet in the process for details), understanding the attendees of the meeting, understanding the media, understanding the budget, analyzing their own shortcomings, etc

III. pursue continuous innovation
every meeting is a challenge to innovation ability. No matter in content or form, continuous innovation can make every meeting full of passion and fun

IV. make a careful plan
whether it’s Gantt chart or schedule, a careful plan must include all the details in the meeting. In addition, ensuring regular tracking can avoid a careful plan becoming a decoration on the wall of the project manager

v. implement strict on-site management
when conducting on-site management, we must strictly compare the matters on the schedule, and any omission will lead to the failure of the meeting. In addition, the person in charge of the site needs the ability to adapt to changes (see article 14)

VI. conclusion and detailed summary
a successful meeting needs creative planning; Positive negotiation and communication skills; Standardized operation and financial management; Excellent packaging and systematic feedback. At the end of the meeting, summarize how much value you provide? What is the investment income of your company? Will the participants attend your meeting again next year? Summarize these answers and apply them to the next meeting plan

VII. Strive for excellence, not perfection
no matter the size of the meeting or not, the best meeting plan can not be perfect. The most important thing is suggestion, design and revision

VIII. Understand the industries involved in the conference
in order to provide successful conference management, organizers must understand the industries involved in the conference, professional terms and the overall trend of the industry

IX. don’t be confused about major events in order to save money
ensure that cooperative suppliers provide high-quality services. Don’t sacrifice the quality of the meeting in order to save money. In the end, you will lose the most

10. Remember, customers are always the first
your audience is your customers, and they will pay for you. Therefore, they must feel and accept the value, and they must realize the importance of this meeting. If you think something is more important than customers, please remember: customers are always the first important

Xi. Reasonably control the budget
learn to analyze and use the budget reasonably. The extra money should benefit the participants first

XII. Maximize the use of technology
technology can help you a lot. Use technology as much as possible from beginning to end, so that customers and staff can easily use technology. However, it must be remembered that technology can not replace communication between people. (for the application of technology, see “multimedia conference packaging”)

XIII. Clear and clear communication
clear and clear communication is the key to the success of the whole project. Imagine that you are a participant who doesn’t understand the internal plans, procedures or backup work. How can you understand all this in the shortest time

XIV. Mature crisis management
for unforeseen problems and possible scenario crises, we must prepare solutions, list the worst results, and then propose solutions one by one

XV. Provide enough value
in order to meet the needs of participants, a conference project should provide useful value to the audience, whether it is education or training, new product launch or dealer Conference – the content is the key, and the full content will reflect the value in the conference

the following content is the arrangement of the on-site sharing content of “brand and operation of the Millennium Summit” by Li Tienan, marketing director of the new list, in the offline Salon of the activity line. Please know some oral expressions

Introduction to the sharer:

Li Tienan, marketing director of Xinbang, joined Xinbang in 2014. At present, he is responsible for Xinbang market, Xinbang college, Xinbang conference, Xinbang national tour and other projects, has in-depth research on new media, and is good at new media operation, short video, live e-commerce and other fields

content sorting: activity line

– & nbsp; The following is the text & nbsp-

being a long-term believer, every activity tries to make the whole audience experience, guest experience and partner experience to the extreme. Accumulate word-of-mouth in the process of continuous work, and then a certain cognition will be formed in the whole industry. After continuous output activities and continuous links with this group of people through activities, we will slowly accumulate potential energy. After the potential energy is accumulated, word-of-mouth and brand will slowly rise. Chronism + value output + time compound interest, you will unlock a stimulus and joy

the activity process is mainly divided into six steps! Market Research – activity initiation – activity preparation – Promotion & amp; Recruitment – activity execution – activity resumption

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I. activity framework

1. Activity purpose

this is the most important question before doing the activity. Why should I do this activity

1) enhance influence and strengthen the brand

2) policy release, such as today’s headlines, the Kwai Fu rally and so on. p>

3) companies that can sell and sell have a standardized meeting process and do not have strict requirements on the information density of the meeting, but emphasize the mobilization of the atmosphere and have KPI indicators

2. Market Research

is relatively simple. Since you can definitely reach some people in this industry by doing activities in this industry, you can do it face-to-face, through online chat, through questionnaire survey, or by consulting some old employees of the company, Or look at the competition in the same industry and the activities of competitive products, you can basically draw a conclusion. You can verify this conclusion, and you will understand the needs of users and know the direction of activities

3. Determine the boundary

if you want to understand why you want to do this activity, you basically have a general layout in your heart

from now on, push back. How long does the activity preparation cycle take, for example, 30 days? Push back 30 days from the current situation to see whether it is in the middle of the week or on the weekend, half a day or all day. Who will tell the type of activity? Who will listen? What is the purpose of this activity? Basically, there is a general fuzzy portrait, which is not accurately connected to the individual at this time, but we know what kind of label it has and what kind of channels it can reach

at the same time, the boundary is very important! It draws some directions and knows what can be used and what can’t be used

1) the budget is different, and the whole boundary is completely different. Maybe because of the limited budget, some venues will not be considered, and some teachers will not be considered

2) the number of people and budget are also closely related. Doing 500 people’s activities, 1000 people’s activities and 100 people’s activities are completely different concepts

3) the duration basically determines the number of guests. We are all keen on doing afternoon activities. It is relatively simple. From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., it takes about 3 hours and 180 minutes. Basically, there are 6 guests. One guest takes 25 minutes, a total of 150 minutes, and the remaining 30 minutes. Some round table forums and other links can be added in the middle. The central control field is not so strict, but the number of guests and the length of sharing are inversely related. In addition, we should also consider whether the venue, meals and transportation are convenient

4) the venue is special in 2019. Many large-scale activities from July to October cannot be held. In addition, the Chinese New Year is relatively early this year. On the first day of January 25, many large-scale activities are pressed until the end of the year. In addition, many annual meetings are also at this time, which will raise the cost of the whole hotel. In previous years, it may be two months in advance to find the hotel, This year must be two months in advance, three months or even more! There are not many places in Beijing that can accommodate thousands of people and have convenient transportation. It may be cheap in the west, cheap in the south, and expensive in the north and East

through the above analysis, what kind of activities should be done, then the general framework comes out. First set the whole boundary, and then refine it. There is also a process of communication and running in. It is impossible to make these very accurate at the beginning

II. Activity ing

1. Confirm the theme

first, do not cause ambiguity

Second, let everyone understand the value of the activity, and the user can know what you want to pass on to him

> it’s not necessary for everyone to write about the event in the industry, because it’s only for the guests in the industry

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