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What are the precautions for vacuum packaging bags?

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all kinds of high and low temperature packaging bags and fresh-keeping bags are widely used in the packaging of all kinds of food and precision machinery. Additional zipper at the seal,
It is convenient to use for many times and can be placed upright on the shelf. It has the characteristics of strong sealing, moisture-proof, anti leakage, high-temperature cooking and disinfection, and maintaining the original flavor of food. Due to its excellent barrier performance, especially in the flexible state, the product can still maintain good barrier performance. Therefore, it is suitable for the fresh-keeping packaging of bone containing meat food that needs to be cooked in the food industry.
Due to the consumption process of plastic products, it is impossible to ensure the 100% qualified rate of products. I’m sure our parents will be optimistic about the comments of several sellers before purchasing,
I believe no one has not been reflected in the problem of air leakage. So this is a normal phenomenon. We should treat it rationally. After all, the probability of buying an air leaking bag is very small. But we can ensure that every buyer can use airtight tight bags.
For air leakage replacement, due to the meager profit, the return postage is shared by both parties, and the auction can be understood.
When unpacking and unpacking bags, please use blunt tools such as keys and zip the items inward. Ensure the tightness of the bag.
2. Thickness of shrink bag
Thickness and flexibility are determined by the use of materials, and the quality of materials determines the price.
Yipin is one of the most popular compact bags on the market today. Their materials are medium and their thickness is 7 silk. Some buyers reflect that this is the reason why the bags are relatively crisp and thin. But the price is affordable and the air leakage rate is also very low, so it has the highest cost performance. There is a reason for prevalence. Use:
In our daily life, the clothes cabinet full of quilt always makes people feel at a loss. With vacuum shrink bags of various sizes, the problem is solved. It can not only liberate your wardrobe, but also achieve the effect of moisture-proof, insect bite proof, cleaning and storage with its common sealing design.
A: Using vacuum cleaner or vacuum pump for air extraction, the operation is simple and convenient!
B: It can avoid fleas, mold, moisture, odor, etc., and keep clothes clean and safe.
C: After the clothes are tightened, the storage space becomes larger.

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