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What are the packaging size requirements of Shenzhen FA European FBA

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European FBA warehouse requirements:
I. carton packaging
1) if possible, ensure that the goods in the carton packaging are from the same Po
2) the weight of the carton must be less than or equal to 15kg. If the goods sold in a single piece are more than 15kg, warning signs of “overweight” need to be posted on all sides of the carton. (the label shall be printed in color, and each side shall not be less than 8cm)
3) the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm, unless the size of a single shipment itself exceeds 63.5cm. Cartons with a single size of more than 63.5 cm (e.g. non transportable) must be placed on standard 1000 x1250 mm pallets (UK only) or 800×1200 mm pallets (other European countries), unless the carton size of a single shipment exceeds the standard pallet size
4) cartons and packaging materials (such as liners and fillers) must fully protect the goods during transportation. If it is sent to Amazon in non-conforming packaging, Amazon will carry out additional packaging and charge corresponding packaging fees
5) use large size gaskets, such as air pillow, whole paper, foam paper or wrapping film, and do not fill it with loose material. For example, foam plastic or shredded paper;
6) the size of the carton is selected to ensure the least free space after the goods are put in. Space utilization can also be maximized as much as possible through multiple packaged goods in a single box (without damage to the goods)
7) cartons cannot be bound with packing belt, elastic belt or adhesive tape. Large staples or nylon fiber tape cannot be used because they pose a safety hazard to our colleagues in the warehouse. Cartons must be stacked on standard pallets
8) cartons are determined to be sold together (e.g. suits) with a weight greater than 30 kg. They must be placed on a single pallet (one for sale corresponds to one pallet) and need to be placed on all sides of the carton. 9) cartons for single sale (e.g. furniture) with a weight greater than 30 kg usually need to be palletized. Warning labels must be posted at appropriate positions on all sides of the carton
9) do not send cartons with the same size as the pallet
II. Pallet packaging /palletizing
1) palletizing is encouraged for all LTL (less than truck load) and TL (truck load) goods. In addition to container transportation, a firm and flat pallet top shall be built so that the pallets can be stacked to improve the utilization rate of trucks
2) when the cartons are palletized, the labels of the goods on the pallets face outward so as not to be damaged. 3) GMA grade B or higher, 1000×1200 mm, used on four sides, wooden pallets (limited to the UK) or 800×1200 mm euro /CHEP pallets (for other European countries), GMA 1A grade pallets are used for food commodities
4) do not let the carton exceed the side length of the pallet. If it is a single, large-scale shipped goods cannot be put into 1000×1200 mm (UK) or 800×1200 mm pallet (other European countries) without exceeding the edge. When binding the shortest side of the two pallets together, make sure that the short side of the pallet faces the rear of the vehicle
5) under no circumstances can the pallet be used if it is damaged or the strip on the pallet is lost
6) do not place the shipped goods on pallets made of fragile materials, such as cardboard boxes or particle boards
7) only one commodity can be stacked on one pallet, regardless of the quantity allowed
8) when there are multiple SKUs on a pallet, the SKUs must be separated, so that there will be no error during receiving
9) when stacking cartons on pallets, all sides should be stacked flush. Bricks should be stacked whenever possible. It is recommended to stack the heaviest goods at the bottom
10) standard height of tray – the tray height can reach a maximum of 1.8m (double stacked tray height: 2.7m for de /CEE and 3.0m UK, FR, it and ES), which is the maximum tray height of most Amazon FCS and Amazon’s 3PL network Therefore, please always confirm the description of the latest information on the download file EU FC address list
11) regardless of the pallet selection, the gross weight of the pallet, including the pallet weight, cannot exceed 500kg (De and CEE) or 1000kg (UK, FR, it and ES), unless it is sent to one of the sites of Amazon’s 3PL network; So please confirm the delivery location and the latest information about the maximum tray weight on the EU FC address list of the downloaded file
12) support the carton with winding film to ensure that the winding film completely covers the goods on the pallet, which can prevent movement during transportation and ensure the stability of stacked pallets during transportation. Transparent stretch wrap (vs. black) is preferred. Corner plates are used to help protect and maintain the stability of cartons in transportation. The goods should be loaded on the pallet in a stable way, so that when the winding film is removed, the goods will not be easy to overturn and will be stable on the pallet
13) arrange double stacked pallets so that the forklift can enter the two pallets from the same side, maintain at least 8cm between the pallet stack and the container walls, and cannot stack the pallet goods sent to Amazon with the pallet goods of other guests
single pallet requirements
all pallets must contain similar shipments when the quantity allows. All mixed pallets but visually similar goods must be clearly labeled “mixed SKUs”. For pallets containing only one single piece of goods, please attach the label “single SKU”; Stack the pallets according to SKU as much as possible
it’s better to find a reliable freight forwarding company and directly deliver the goods to them. For example, Shenzhen Regal International, if you have the goods ready, you can directly ask the driver of the freight forwarding company to take the goods away, and the goods information will be given to the business

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