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What are the major enterprises in Australia

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What are the major enterprises in Australia

Woolworth and Coles, supermarket logistics enterprises, are basically the two when shopping in Australia

there are four major state-owned banks in the banking industry, nab National Bank of Australia, ANZ new Australia Bank, Westpac Western Pacific Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BHP (BHP Billiton), a giant in manufacturing and mining, also has a local Australian car brand, hoden, but now it is just a few of American General Motors holdings

in the world’s top 500

the following are the Australian enterprises in the data of the world’s top 500 enterprises in 2005:
the main business revenue of the ranked enterprises is millions of dollars
235 Coles Myer food and drug stores 23184.4
241 BHP Billiton mining and crude oil production 22887.0
269 Bank of Australia 21313.9
289 food Drugstore 20334.5
401 Australian Telecom 15193.1
406 Commonwealth Bank of Australia 15083.9
422 Anbao insurance 14600.8
477 Western Pacific Bank 12943.3
490 ANZ bank 12618.4

BHP Billiton
BHP Billiton was formed by the merger of two giant mining companies and is now the world’s largest mining company. BHP, founded in 1885 and headquartered in Melbourne, is one of the oldest and largest companies in Australia. Billiton, a pioneer in the international mining industry, was once famous for its continuous innovation and intensive operation. In 2001, the two companies merged to form BHP Billiton mining group, with BHP holding 58% and Billiton holding 42%
the company operates in more than 20 countries around the world, with more than 90 partners and about 35000 employees. Its main products include coal, iron ore, copper, aluminum, nickel, oil, liquefied natural gas, magnesium, diamonds, etc. In the 2004 /05 fiscal year, the company achieved a net profit of a $8 billion, double that of last year. In the same year, the company successfully acquired Western Mining Corporation (WMC), which established its position as the “leader” of the global mining industry. The market value of the company has now reached US $88.274 billion, ranking first on the list of Australian enterprises. The company is listed on stock exchanges in Australia, London and New York
BHP Billiton has a long relationship with China and began exporting lead ore to China as early as 1891. At present, the company has representative offices in Beijing and factories in Shanghai and other places. In the past decade, the cost of exploration and development in China has reached 26 million US dollars

Telstra is the largest telecommunications company in Australia. The only state-owned enterprise owned by the Commonwealth of Australia. In October 1997, the Australian government began to partially privatize the company by selling 49.9% equity to institutional and individual investors, and the government still holds 50.1% of the shares
Australian Telecom is one of the most profitable telecom companies in the world. It is a leading full-service telecom operator in Australia. Its business spans wired communication, ADSL, HFC, satellite, CDMA and GSM digital mobile networks, and is a leading ISP in Australia. Its market capital ranks 11th in the world telecommunications industry and 49th in the list of the world’s largest companies. It is a listed company in the stock markets of Australia, New Zealand and New York

Australian Holden
General Motors Group of the United States has many famous car factories, such as Saab and Opel, which have long been well known. By contrast, Australian Holden is somewhat unknown, but it is an important chess player in GM’s global strategy and is responsible for developing the Oceanian market. In the eyes of Australians, it is a symbol of national industry
Holden’s history of prosperity
in 1948, more than a century ago, Holden car factory, which is proud of by Australians, was established in Victoria port in the southern city of Melbourne. Ben Chifley, the founder of the company, was also the first chairman of the car factory
in fact, the name “Holden” has been used for a long time. In the early 19th century, when Australia was still in the gold rush, Holden was mainly engaged in the manufacture of transportation and metallurgical supplies. 1885, Holden & amp; Frost began to produce and repair wagons. In 1914, Holden company designed and manufactured car bodies for customers for the first time, and then began to set foot in the automobile manufacturing industry
10 years later, the company changed its name to “Holden body manufacturing company”. It had the most advanced automobile production line in the world at that time and produced body for GM Group vehicles sold in Australia. The cooperation between Holden and GM officially kicked off
in 1931, when the first large-scale special-purpose vehicle production plant in Oceania was established, Holden body manufacturing company was renamed “GM Holden Co., Ltd.”. Due to the strong development momentum and growing strength of the company, “gm-h” has become the leader of the whole Australian industry, and major enterprises have followed its operation and development mode
during World War II, although Australia was not devastated by war, Holden, as one of the participating countries, undertook the mission of producing military materials for the army. From 1939 to 1945, Holden provided a total of 30000 military vehicles for the Australian military and the US military. In addition, there were a large number of military equipment and materials, such as firearms, aircraft and ship engines
in 1948, the first Holden car officially left the factory. At that time, it was named FX and the manufacturer code was 48-215. As soon as the new car was launched, it was warmly welcomed by consumers, and the order has even been placed until the next year
the FJ series, which was manufactured in 1953, achieved the same amazing results. The car has outstanding performance, practical and reliable, low price and high fuel economy. The local media rated it as “changing people’s values on cars”. Since then, Holden, which has achieved great success in the popular car market, has embarked on the route of general motors. It adopts the market strategy of taking low-cost civil cars as the main force of the market and luxury cars and multi-purpose vehicles as the auxiliary. In the following decades, Holden developed many new models and introduced a variety of Opel models under GM. Holden’s sales in Australia achieved great success and became famous. Therefore, Holden began its export business

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