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What are the famous brands of packaging paper in China

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the paper used for food packaging also requires hygiene, sterility, no pollution and impurities, etc. Packaging paper includes kraft paper, chicken skin paper, paper bag paper, parchment paper, cellophane, tarmac paper, moisture-proof paper, gunpowder packaging paper, neutral packaging paper, translucent paper, antirust paper, oil proof paper, food packaging paper, paraffin paper, tea bag paper, red electro-optic gun paper, vacuum aluminized paper, etc. Classification of packaging paper: 1. Special packaging paper packaging paper with special functions for various environments, including oil proof packaging paper, moisture-proof packaging paper, rust proof paper, etc. 2. Food packaging paper is used for “packaging” in food, beverage and other fields, including food parchment, candy packaging base paper, etc. 3. The commodity printing packaging paper has a lining layer, a core layer and a surface layer. The paperboard with filler and glue is printed with a trademark and made into a carton for packaging. There are white board paper, white cardboard, etc Main domestic brands of whiteboard: Jinou, Yongtai, Samsung, Huayang, golden sun, Changjiang and Jianhui. Main domestic brands of white cardboard: Golden gull, Huaxia sun, Huayang, Bohui, xinbaiyang, Bowang and chieftain. Main domestic brands of carton board paper: Jiulong, Hailong, Dilong and regeneration. Main domestic brands of kraft paper: Changning and longpai.

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