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What are the differences between vertical packaging machines and other packaging machines

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product features of vertical packaging machine:
1 All stainless steel exterior decoration, in line with GMP requirements. All 304 steel is used
2. Safety protection shall be provided to meet the safety management requirements of the enterprise. Safe operation, enterprises can use it safely
3. It has the function of setting the output automatic alarm, and can also set the function of automatically displaying the packaging running speed. Computer controller is the first product in China. It uses advanced CPU core chip and imported switching power supply. Therefore, all functions adopt key operation and digital display
4. The vertical packaging machine can set the bag length by computer without changing the gear and adjusting the bag length. The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of a variety of different products. It can be used at any time when changing products without resetting
5. The vertical packaging machine has high accuracy, and the error is within 0.5mm within the speed range of 50-100 bags /min
6. Intelligent temperature controller is adopted to control the temperature accurately and ensure beautiful and flat sealing
7. A rotary code printer can be configured to print batch number and shelf life in 1-3 rows. The packaging machine and metering configuration can automatically complete metering Feeding, filling, bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust) and finished product transportation, and counting is completed automatically
8. Pillow bags, hanging bags, etc. can be made according to customer needs.

vertical packaging machines such as liquid powder or screws, which are based on the packaged objects, have advantages, but basically the speed is not very fast except for canned equipment, while solid pillow packaging machines have advantages and speed is also very fast!

the vertical packaging machine occupies a small area and has high automation. The vertical packaging machine can also adapt to the fields of food, daily chemicals, agricultural products, plastic products, hardware and special industries according to different users. It is suitable for the packaging of all kinds of powder, particle, liquid, sauce, flake, granular, block, fluid and semi fluid materials.

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