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What are the details of the film sealing machine?

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features of film sealing machine:
this series of models have the function of automatic continuous sealing and printing production date at one time. They can be used horizontally and vertically. They are used for sealing and bag making of single-layer film and various composite films. They are widely used in food, pharmacy, seed, chemical industry, light industry and other departments. This series of machines have another stainless steel casing to choose from

main technical parameters of film sealing machine:

voltage and power voltage & amp; Power 220V, 50Hz, 500W
sealing speed 0-13m /min
sealing width 6-12mm
temperature control number 0-300 ℃
number of printed words word number ≤ 45pus
conveying load loding of ≤ 5kg
machine size 810 × three hundred and eighty × 300mm
spipping package size 850 × four hundred and thirty × 370mm
gross weight 25kg
Changhong medicine machine

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