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What are the commonly used materials of food plastic packaging bags

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Plastic packaging can also be classified as follows:
1. Pearlescent film: pearlescent film is a white opaque material. Just like its name, the whole film has a pearl like brightness. It is usually used in bottle labels, and the packaging of beverages and ice cream is common. The material of this film can not be used as a white version when printing, because it is white, but if it is used as a white version, it will make the packaging more bright
2. Matt Film: also known as matting film. Some quick-frozen foods are packaged with this material. This film is not as shiny as other plastic films, and the surface has a frosting effect. Many colors will become darker on this film, which is obviously different from the effect on the computer screen
3. PE film: this kind of film is mostly used on barrel film, such as toilet paper packaging.

food plastic packaging bags are generally composite bags, and commonly used materials include: PET film, PE film, PA film (nylon), OPP film, CPP film, etc. The manufacturer chooses which kind of composite material according to the customer’s requirements.

it depends on what products you install. Composite bags or multi-layer coextrusion bags are required for fast food products, food with barrier requirements and vacuum pumping products. If it is a large package of food raw materials, more than 5kg products need a single-layer PE food bag or Po food bag. If shading is required, use colored shading bags.

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