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What are the commonly used marks on food packaging bags?

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4 food safety signs

1. “QS” sign
“QS” is the abbreviation of “” in English, which means “quality and safety”, indicating that the food meets the basic requirements of quality and safety. According to national regulations, domestic processed foods engaged in rice, flour, oil, soy sauce and vinegar, meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits and cans must have the “QS” mark before they can be sold out of the factory
2. Mark of pollution-free agricultural products
mark of pollution-free agricultural products. The figure is composed of wheat ears, check marks and the words “pollution-free agricultural products”. Ears of wheat represent agricultural products, the check mark means qualified, gold means maturity and harvest, and green symbolizes environmental protection and safety
pollution free agricultural products can control toxic and harmful substances within a certain range, mainly emphasizing their safety, which is the most basic and minimum market access standard. Ordinary food should meet this requirement
3. Green food mark
things related to environmental protection are usually crowned with the word “green” in the world. The purpose is to highlight that this kind of food is related to a good ecological environment. Things related to food are named “green food”. Green food is higher than “pollution-free agricultural products”

4. Organic food signs

organic food includes grain, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, aquatic products, livestock products, spices, etc. Synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and additives shall not be used in the production and processing of such foods. The requirements for production environment and quality control are very strict, which is a higher standard of safe food. At present, the output in China is still very small

although we can’t guarantee that what we see is correct, at least we won’t be fooled easily. After knowing the basic signs of food, when choosing food next time, we should see the signs on the food packaging, understand the safety level of food, and then “start”. After eating, health is more important than nutrition.

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