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What are the commonly used food packaging paper?

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I often hear people say translucent paper, oil proof paper, oil paper, silicone paper, single light paper, double light paper, kraft paper, PE coated paper, pet coated paper, white cardboard and aluminum foil composite paper. What kind of paper are these? What are their characteristics?

packaging materials refer to the materials used to manufacture packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging printing, packaging and transportation to meet the product packaging requirements. They include metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, bamboo, wild mushroom, natural fiber, chemical fiber, composite materials and other main packaging materials, as well as coatings, adhesives, strapping belts, decoration, printing materials and other auxiliary materials The packaging materials commonly used in classification include: 1) cartoon box 2) inner cartoon box 3) partition 4) egg compartment 5) white box 6) color box 7) poster 8) chaper 9) sticker 10) blister 11) blister card 12) poly dragon 13) bag 14) instruction manual and mail card 15) pearl cotton 16) tie 2 Materials and selection 1 Cartoon box A. cartoon box paper: cartoon box paper X: kabc3 becomes worse in turn; X9x (2mm thick) indicates e pit (small pit) x3x (3mm thick) — indicates single layer x = x (6mm thick) — indicates double layer x ≡ x (9mm thick) — indicates three layers X — indicates surface paper, pit pattern — ordinary pit paper, and middle layer flat paper — if there is no indication, it is ordinary paper W – white paper, single pit (paper) double pit (paper) three pit (paper) small pit (paper) c33b = 3b ≡ bb9bb33b = CB ≡ cb9cb3cb = BB ≡ 3a9ab3ba = BA ≡ ba9ba3ba = AA ≡ aw9aw3bw = BW ≡ bw9bb Selection of cartoon box material: generally B = B, the paper thickness is about 6mm, and this kind of material is the lowest If the guest has a request, a = B can also be used. This material has better strength and higher price than B = B, while a = a paper is better than a = B and B = B. the thickness is 6mm and the price is also higher. It can only be selected unless special requirements c. According to the guest’s requirements, cartons can be divided into printed cartons and non printed cartons. For cartons with printed cartons, it is necessary to give the information of cartons to the supplier for glue board and punching board. Pay attention to the color of cartons. Generally, the color of cartons is different from Pantone color, mainly because the natural color of paper is dark brown If there are requirements for net weight, gross weight and quantity on the carton mark, the supplier shall be notified to print it on the carton together with the carton mark after the carton size and carton mark are confirmed Talent number — usually the calculation method in Japan. The calculation formula is: talent number = cartoon box length x width x height /25.43×123; Note: the dimension of cartoon box is in mm d. Calculation of cartoon box size I. calculation formula of cartoon box size (size is in mm): if the goods in the cartoon box are net size, length x width x height, i.e. LxWxH, the external size of the cartoon box is: L1 = L + 13; W1=W+13,H1=H+18(mm). ii. If the cartoon box contains a flat card, the thickness of the flat card shall be added III. When calculating the size of the cartoon box, consider whether there are posters in the box to avoid that the posters cannot be put into the cartoon box IV. tolerance of cartoon box: a + 50. Generally, the factory takes dimension a call and 0 ~ + 5 as the tolerance range v. The size of cartoon box is generally controlled below 20kg when making Vi. if the barcode is printed on the cartoon box, it must be detected that the barcode can pass the barcode machine before confirmation and mass production. 2 Inner cartoon box the cartoon box in the cartoon box is called inner cartoon box. Generally, the material used is the same as that of the outer cartoon box or w9c It is made according to the needs of guests. The points needing attention are the same as the external cartoon box, which is omitted here. 3 Flat card A. flat card is often used to pad the middle of the product, the top and bottom of the box to avoid scratching the product when unpacking C33 material is generally used. The price of this material is low, the thickness is 3mm, and the size is the same as the net size of the products in the cartoon box b. Generally, 1pc flat cards are used for the upper and lower parts of the cartoon box If there is an inner cartoon box, it does not need to be used c. A sheet of B = 3 can also be used to pad the short edge of cartoon folding. 4 Egg compartment is often used to separate products. This packaging method has low cost a. The commonly used egg spacer material is B3b, with a thickness of 3mm. In special cases, B = B will also be considered, but the cost is high During production, the clamping groove on the egg compartment needs to be made with a knife die, and the groove depth can be half of the height of the egg compartment. The assembly is carried out in the way of opposite insertion b. Egg compartment size: 1.5mm smaller than the internal size of the cartoon box, and pay attention to the strength of the anti vibration convex edge. 5 White box a. the commonly used materials of white box are w9c, w stands for white, and the paper thickness is 2mm b. According to the guest’s requirements, the box cover will be printed with or without shipping marks. Pay attention to the color and position of shipping marks when printing shipping marks c. There are many white boxes with or without buckle bottom. The style is the same as that of cartoon box, which can be determined according to needs There are two kinds of color boxes: color boxes with windows and color boxes without windows There are also two kinds of color boxes in the window: the color box with film in the window and the color box without film in the window a. The materials of the color box are: I. pink gray paper, one side is white and one side is gray, the price is low, and both sides of double pink paper are white, the price is high ii. The material of the color box is determined according to the shape and size of the product Commonly used materials are: 280g powdered paper, 300g powdered paper, 350g powdered paper, 260g powdered paper mounted e-pit, 260g double powdered paper mounted e-pit, etc b. After the color box surface is printed according to film, the common surface processing includes: common polishing treatment (smooth surface, no sticky hand feeling); Varnish (smooth surface and sticky feel); The surface is coated with 0.05mm PP or PE film According to the customer’s samples, mass production can be carried out only after the samples are confirmed by the customers c. Common film materials for window film materials include transparent PP, PVC, pet, etc. PP and pet belong to environmental protection materials. 7 Posters are brochures. Commonly used materials include 157G white hard paper, etc Corbett paper A. commonly known as Sydney paper, it is often used to package products to avoid grinding between products during transportation and vibration b. The standard size of Coway paper: 1030×590. Coway paper factory takes the whole paper as a unit of calculation, and there is no extra charge for segmentation c. When designing and using Coway paper, the drawing should be divided into several equal parts to improve the utilization rate. 9 When the sticker receives the film or document from the guest, the sample shall be made first, and the batch production can be carried out only after the sample is confirmed by the guest a. Stickers are divided into transparent stickers, bar code stickers, color printing stickers, etc i. The commonly used materials of transparent stickers are: 25#pet transparent film, PP, PVC, etc ii. Bar code stickers: the samples of bar code stickers should be inspected by bar code machine and then confirmed by guests before mass production III. color printing sticker: made according to the film provided by the guest According to the needs, the surface should be polished or PP glue, and the color should be t
he same or similar to the guest’s sample as far as possible b. Adhesive preparation material for sticker: ordinary strength: 5003m to strengthen the powder strength step by step. 10 Blister 1) commonly used blister materials are: PVC, PP, pet, etc. 2) attention during design: a. the parts of oil injection can not be buckled to avoid scratching b. White pet costs more and uses less. When the order quantity is large, the supplier will order. Therefore, it can be considered to use it unless the customer has special requirements c. Common blister methods include: Heaven and earth cover type, buckle surface cover type, buckle position type, plug-in type, hot pressing type, etc i. Which one to use in the design depends on the shape of the product and the requirements of customers. Generally, when using heaven and earth cover and buckle cover blister, the color box with window usually does not need to be pasted with film ii. During design, it should be noted that for products with complex shapes and products with oil injection parts, supporting plastic should be added. The material of supporting plastic is generally the same as that of blister d. The commonly used # number of blister sheet refers to the thickness of the sheet, with 0.35mm as the commonly used sheet e. Try to avoid the use of colored suction plastics to prevent the increase of cost. 11 Blister card for plug-in blister card and hot pressing blister card, usually use blister card, and pay attention to the following in design: A. plug-in blister card blister card and blister are assembled by plug-in, which is called plug-in blister card When making the blister card first and then the blister card, it needs to be matched to prevent the blister card from being too tight or growing. The surface of the blister card should be polished, polished or PP glue, depending on the requirements of the guests b. Hot pressing blister card blister card and blister are assembled by hot pressing, which is called hot pressing blister card Attention should be paid to the processing of blister surface during design, and the surface of blister card should be coated with blister oil If the blister material is pet, the corresponding surface of the blister card should pass APET environmental protection oil, otherwise the blister card and blister cannot be bonded by hot pressing c. Blister card material: it depends on the printing situation. When only one side is printed, use powder gray paper Commonly used are 300g fly ash, 350g fly ash paper, 400g fly ash paper, etc; When printing on both sides, use double powder paper Commonly used are 300g double powder paper, 350g powder ash paper and 400g powder ash paper

normally, there are more kraft paper

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