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What are the common structural types of color box packaging

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color box packaging can be divided into three categories according to the basic form: folding carton is called folding box; Non foldable cardboard box; After processing, compounding and gluing, the paper is made into a container that can hold liquid, which is collectively referred to as flexible packaging carton. Among them, folding cartons are most used in commodity packaging: 1. Heaven and earth cover and swing cover cartons. They are pressed with tangent lines on the box surface according to different graphics, and the box cover can be opened to see not only the goods, but also the decoration graphics, words and trademarks on the box surface. Its advantages are easy to open, easy to take out the goods and easy to display and publicize the goods. 2. Windowed carton. There are three forms of windowed cartons: local windowing, transparent box cover and multi-faceted transparency. It is generally used in combination with transparent plastic sheets. The goods are displayed in the window opening part, which is convenient for consumers to buy. 3. Portable carton. Some goods are packed in large volume. In order to facilitate customers to carry, a handle is added to the carton. The handle is designed to be foldable as far as possible, which can facilitate transportation and does not occupy too much area. 4. Special shaped carton. Special shaped cartons are mainly triangular, pentagonal, rhombic, hexagonal, octagonal, trapezoidal, cylindrical, semicircular, book type and other forms. The structure of this carton is a packaging shape presented through the alternating combination of arc, straight-line cutting and surface. The advantages of special-shaped carton are novel and beautiful. 5. Special structure carton. It is to open a gap in a certain part of the carton or add an accessory to pour out powdery, granular, massive or liquid goods. The carton structure can be diversified. In order to facilitate the use of consumers, corresponding special designs can be made according to different uses of commodities. The unique shape is mainly reflected by the special-shaped structure, which needs to be realized by designing special structural elements such as functional structure (such as handle, hand hole or vent, adhesive flap of automatic folding carton, etc.), characteristic structure (such as corner cutting, hollowing out, feet, etc.) and appearance structure (such as non corrugated cylindrical structure and non flat structure), so that they can be met. Various packaging styles, beautiful appearance, ingenious structure and various forms can attract the attention of consumers.

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