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What are the common maintenance faults of electric packer?

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each electric packer has a service life. The longer the production time, the greater the possibility of failure of the electric packer. When the electric packer breaks down, many enterprises will choose the after-sales service of the equipment. However, considering the cost and working time, most large enterprises have their own maintenance team, which can find the cause and repair the fault in time
condition 1: cassette disposal: when the tape is stuck in the middle of the roller or blocked by foreign matters and cannot be removed
the disposal method is as follows: A. disassemble the washer of hexagon nut. b. Loosen the two M5 countersunk screws on the middle connecting shaft. Since these two screws are fixed in the notch of the connecting shaft, the screws must be turned up. c. Remove the connecting shaft, pick up the upper turbine and take out the stuck object. d. According to the above c-b-a method, the patient can recover with equipment. e. Pay attention to the nut and L-shaped curved plate, and adhere to the vacancy of 0.3-0.5mm
condition 2: the automatic packer does not automatically take out the belt. In case of this appearance, first check whether the “belt out length adjustment” is at “0”, and then see whether the belt process is correct. If not, foreign matters are stuck near the belt feeding roller, which will also constitute this condition
condition 3: do not cut the belt after binding. There are many conditions that can constitute this condition
reason a: the tightness adjustment is too tight. b. The sliding plate or the sliding skin contains oil. They are all located near the tightness adjustment. They must be removed and wiped off the oil. C, the belt is too tight, lower the belt drive seat down, or adjust the motor back. d. Use a thinner belt or the space of the unwinding roller is too large
condition 4: poor bonding effect
causes and solutions: a. the temperature is too high or lacking, sometimes special. In addition, the belt has poor viscosity, and the temperature must be very accurate. b. There is a lack of application voltage. Many factories often lack the voltage. If the extension cable or cable is used again, it will form a voltage drop, which will lower the originally adjusted temperature and even burn out when the motor is tied tightly. Therefore, try to avoid the use of cable. If the extension cable is sure to be used, it must be connected with thicker and not too long wires. c. The 635 bearing under the middle knife is broken, so it is heated and cannot be bonded at all. d. The long pull spring on the electric heating strange hand (swing rod) is tired, so it cannot pull the strange hand to the position, causing half or even less adhesion. e. The electric heating steel sheet is too high, too low, or left to right, so it encounters the PP belt at the top and bottom, or the tools at the left and right, and cannot enter the heating. It must be adjusted according to the situation. f. The disadvantage of micro electric fan for smoke exhaust is that the temperature is too high
condition 5: no action during tape insertion. The LS1 micro switch on the right side of the upper sliding plate is defective or the shrapnel is blocked by foreign matters and cannot touch the contact
situation 6: continuous mission. a. Ls5 disadvantages. b. Although LS1 has no defects, there are stolen goods stuck between the contact and the shrapnel, or the shrapnel itself is stuck, so that its contact cannot be spread after inserting the tape as usual. c. When ls5 returns to zero, the contact is not closed-circuit, so the power supply will continue to work as soon as it is turned on. d. The space between clutch and pulley is too small. Properly increase the number of small gaskets between the clutch and the pulley. e. Communicate with TD belt cutting sensor
condition 7: blocking without binding tightly. a. The machine is too loose. Just tighten it. b. Improper orientation of LS3 and ls5. c. Demagnetization induction switch disadvantages
condition 8: continuous belt feeding. a. The defect of belt feeding potentiometer can be solved by communication. b. Belt feeding button (green key), communication button switch.

common faults of the packer: 1. It can’t be tightened; 2. It can’t be used as a button; 3. Cutting the belt continuously is the most common fault at ordinary times

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