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What are the basic knowledge of packaging design

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packaging design is a comprehensive application of natural science and aesthetic knowledge, which can better protect commodities in the process of commodity circulation and promote the sales of commodities. What are the basic knowledge of packaging design
1. Highlight the brand, display and good packaging must stand out on the shelf and add points to the brand
2. Good packaging must present the design effect on the premise of controlling the cost. Spending tens of dollars to make a packaging, even if it achieves good results, it will fail to a certain extent
3. When designing packaging, designers should comprehensively consider what problems should be solved in packaging design? Is to solve the problem of visual impact? Or is the packaging not friendly enough? Without integration, only focus can highlight the brand personality
4. The packaging design should be easy to make and copy quickly. No matter how good the design is, the delivery period should be one month, and the packaging design value can not be brought into play
in one sentence: Nowadays, packaging design is not only to solve the problem of good-looking, but also to be easy to use.

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