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What are the advantages of vacuum packaging machine?

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fanwei vacuum packaging machine uses composite plastic or plastic aluminum foil film as packaging material to vacuum package liquid, solid, powdery and mushy food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemicals, medicinal materials, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc. the vacuum packaged items can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth, decay and moisture, Extend the shelf life. It is especially suitable for tea, food, electronic components, medicine, stores, research institutions and other industries. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation and so on.

1. The vacuum pumping speed is extremely fast. Ordinary products can be pumped dry in only 2-3 seconds, and the seal is clean, flat and firm

2. The whole machine is controlled by “PLC” programmable controller with stable performance

3. The built-in oil-free vacuum pump can be safely used in class 100 dust-free workshop

4. Vacuum sealing, inflatable sealing and separate sealing can be implemented. Sponge shaped silica gel strip can ensure good sealing during air extraction

5. Stainless steel workbench can adjust the height arbitrarily according to the size of the package

6. Movable casters are equipped under the fuselage to move the working place at will
reference materials fanwei
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prevent oxidation of articles

food industry – quality electronics industry – special industry to prevent oxidation – filled with high-purity inert gas Shanghai Racing – professional manufacturer of vacuum packaging equipment

kbq-w600 vacuum packaging machine is suitable for products:
600 external pumping vacuum packaging machine has the function of inflation and can fill the required gas into the packaging bag. It is suitable for vacuum packaging of electronic products, such as semiconductors, chips, ICs, fabrics, cotton wool products, sponges, etc., so as to reduce the packaging volume and save your logistics cost. Nitrogen or other gases are filled into food, vegetables, seafood, electronics and other products to keep them fresh, original and anti-collision
functional features of external pumping vacuum packaging machine:
1. Pumping, inflation, sealing and cooling. This purpose is suitable for food preservation, such as vegetables, onions and dried fruits
2. Turning off the air extraction switch is equal to inflating, sealing and cooling. This kind of use is applicable: it is afraid of overstocking and shockproof, such as food, electronics, electrical appliances, etc. if it is not food, it can be used for other gases
3. When the inflation switch is turned off, it means: pumping, sealing and cooling. This application is suitable for vacuum packaging in food, electronics, medicine, tools, department stores and other industries
4. Air extraction switch, inflation switch and turn off: sealing and cooling. The utility model is suitable for sealing various candy foods, general commodities, stationery, electrical appliances, medicines, etc.

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