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“Warm baby” is an item that many people will use. Why does “warm baby” get hot by itself?

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“you are like that fire. The raging flame warms me…” do you all feel very warm when you hear this song? The “warm baby” in the market is like “a fire in winter”. Even if there is no “raging flame”, it can bring “personal” warmth to people

warm baby itself is a trademark of a company. The common name of this kind of products is “disposable heating tablets”. Because the title “warm baby” was warm and vivid, it soon spread. It also has many nicknames with the same “heating”, such as warm paste, heating film, one paste heat, etc. Just tear open the transparent adhesive film on the outer layer of the warm baby, and then stick it on the place where the body feels cold. The warm baby’s temperature can reach about 50 ℃ and the holding time can exceed 10 hours

why does a warm baby get hot? Tear open the plastic bag of the warm baby and study it. It can be found that the outermost layer is a tight airtight transparent plastic bag. Uncover the Tongming adhesive film. The inner layer is a white non-woven bag wrapped with black powder – a mixture of fine powders such as iron, vermiculite, activated carbon, water and salt. Warm baby will get hot, which comes from the black powder. Warm baby can get hot, mainly due to the fine iron powder. When leaving the factory, the iron powder is tightly wrapped in transparent plastic bags to isolate the air. After uncovering the transparent adhesive film, the oxygen in the air passes through the non-woven bag and touches the iron powder. Under the catalysis of water and salt, iron powder produces oxidation reaction and becomes iron oxide. Because this oxidation reaction is an exothermic reaction like the oxidation reaction of metal magnesium, it will release heat. But the iron powder is oxidized gradually, so the exothermic response is continuous and slow, unlike the violent burning of metal magnesium powder

the black powder in the warm baby non-woven bag is harmless to human body, and the ferric oxide generated after the oxidation of iron powder is also harmless to human body, so warm baby is very safe. Because it is easy to use and inexpensive, it can “fly into the homes of ordinary people” and bring warmth to thousands of ordinary people in winter

warm baby’s fever is an oxidative fever reaction. High purity iron powder reacts with oxygen in the air under the action of catalyst. It starts from tearing off the vacuum package of warm baby paste, using the outer package and non-woven fabric to control the entry amount of oxygen and the oxidation reaction speed, so as to achieve the exothermic time and temperature.

the fever of warm baby is an oxidative exothermic reaction. Under the action of catalyst, high-purity iron powder reacts with oxygen in the air to release energy, resulting in fever

this is because activated carbon, iron powder and water absorbent resin are added to this thing. When these substances are mixed together, they will produce chemical reaction, and heat energy will be generated after catalysis with salt.

self heating is a chemical reaction that releases energy and generates heat in the process of chemical reaction.

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