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UV flat-panel inkjet machine how to spray cloth?? Can I use it?

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UV flat panel inkjet machine can process and make any material as long as the surface is flat. Therefore, cloth belongs to the material with flat surface, which can be processed.

you should be talking about flat-panel UV inkjet printer. Compared with ordinary inkjet printer, UV flat-panel inkjet printer is environment-friendly and uses more diversified media. The materials of advertising industry can be inkjet, especially on hard materials. It can be inkjet printed on glass, floor, ceramics, acrylic, iron sheet, ceiling, etc., and it can ensure no color fading, strong three-dimensional sense and very fast speed. In terms of economy, the initial investment will be relatively large, but the cost recovery is also fast, so the application field is very wide.

Yes, no problem at all. Application industry of UV flat-panel inkjet printer: 1. Decoration and decoration industry; 2. Glass industry; 3. Furniture sliding door industry; 4. Advertising industry; 5. Packaging industry; 6. Leather cloth; 7. Floor mat carpet; 8. Crafts, etc

UV machines can spray without picking materials

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