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Trademark name of peanut packing bag

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you can check whether the trademark you want to apply for has been registered. If there is no identical or similar trademark, you can apply for the registration of the trademark

trademark application procedure:
1. Query the trademark first. If there is no same or similar one in advance, you can make application documents and submit the application
2. About one month after the application is submitted, the Trademark Office will issue you an application acceptance notice (this period is called the formal examination stage)
3. After the formal examination is completed, you will enter the substantive examination stage, which will take about one to one and a half years
4. If you pass the substantive examination, you will enter the announcement procedure (this period is three months, also known as the objection period)
5. When the announcement expires, no objection is raised. You can get the registration certificate

preparation of application materials:
1. Trademark pattern is required
2. The scope of goods or services to be used for trademark registration
3. Identification documents: A. for the application of the company: a copy of the company’s business license is required; B. Individual application: copies of business license and personal ID card of individual industrial and commercial households are required.

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