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Those shops have packing boxes or gift boxes to buy!

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General gift shops have

in fact, in a sense, the amount of creativity depends on how much effort you put into preparing the gift
so you can make your own gifts, such as personalized electronic photo albums, lucky stars and so on. Of course, you can buy gifts, but you need to make efforts to wrap them well. For example:
first, make a doll with her (him) image to highlight her (him) characteristics and clothes. When the other party sees this thing and listens to how you overcome difficulties, he will be moved to a mess! Ceramics, glass and other materials are available

2、 Pajamas. Pajamas are a universal gift. Because it doesn’t need to consider the size of the number, it can be worn almost. Unlike the clothes worn outside, the

clothes may be picky in number and style. Moreover, pajamas are worn close to your body, which makes your lover miss you when sleeping
3、 Silk scarf. Silk scarf is the best ornament in winter. Always match your lover’s clothes to make your winter full of warmth

4、 Self made personalized photo album: electronic photo album is OK, but it should be accompanied by warm words. This is a Book of photos of yourself or you with him. Seeing the wonderful time you have had along the way, he will be very moved and think of your countless good memories

5、 A beautiful bracelet, preferably the kind of silver white thin two entangled together. In the future, you can wear it every day. When you see the beautiful bracelet, you think of a sweet lover. I think this method can brighten her eyes when sending her, and the joy will last for a long time

6、 Premium notebook with packaging 16 yuan, premium fountain pen with packaging 12 yuan, pen 25 yuan, with a greeting card, simple 2-5 yuan

7、 Nutrition and tonic: men will send 90 yuan of onlidobang, women will send 60-70 yuan of pearl powder, the elderly will send 100 yuan of tonic wine, and children will send a large box of Danish cookies. Giving nutrition is always omnipotent. Now everyone pays attention to health

8、 Mp3 or recorder. Know what she likes and pay attention to what she says. Girls sometimes hint, intentionally or unintentionally. Fill up with his or her favorite songs or your recorded blessing words first. Show it to her (him) on the spot

9、 A McDonald’s, KFC or steak set meal. In particular, the steak set meal can have red wine, steak and bread for only 30 yuan /share

10、 There is also a color changing water cup: the water cup represents a lifetime. You can print your photo on the cup and it will be displayed only when you fill it with water at a certain temperature. Every time he drinks water, he will think of you, especially warm. It’s better to be a pair

11. Fold the lucky stars with your own hands. In each lucky star, write a word that can move him, such as something he has done for you. When he sees it, he will be very moved

12、 In fact, lighters, wallets, belts, shoes, T-shirts and gifts are OK, but you need to pay attention to the packaging. For example, put them in a very high-grade box, put a heart-shaped greeting card, and stick your big sticker + a warm word on the greeting card, which is particularly touching

13、 In addition, DIY cake is also good. Although the cake can’t be kept, you can take pictures of your birthday with DV or mobile phone. It’s a very good record. You can take pictures of your birthday every year. It’s very meaningful when you take it out for aftertaste in the future

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boutiques are everywhere

large quantity. It’s recommended to make it to order. It’s not more expensive than buying it! You can also print what you want to print

gift shop

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