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There are no paper boxes in Chongqing. Hurry. emergency

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There are no paper boxes in Chongqing. It’s said that Chaotianmen gold ocean has been sold. The kind-hearted person who didn’t sell knows. Please give me the detailed address. Thank you first

Chongqing Wenyuan packing factory is a good choice! Taobao also has its own independent store! Directly operated by manufacturers, there is nothing to say about price and quality!

post office! All post offices have it. You don’t need an address. You can see that “China Post” rushes in ~ ~ ~ you can buy a box for sending things. It’s 4-6 yuan each, no matter how big it is

What are you doing? I used to move and buy them at the waste collection station. According to the kilogram, some of them are still very new.

paper box? Send something? Send things directly to the post office, because no matter what package you are, you should use their paper boxes or paper boxes when you send them to the post office

collect miscellaneous expenses by yourself. I suggest you buy plastic boxes and use them for a long time<
> the box can be made online for your reference. Of course, it’s not for my company to order. Br>

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