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The kind of electric packer is good. Please let your friends know. Thank you

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how to judge the quality of the portable packer:

1. There are several kinds of portable packers. First, the packer is a commonly used packing tool, and workers need to carry the machine to operate every day, so many manufacturers are considering the weight of the portable packer

2. packer requirements: the weight must be light, and the handle size of the portable packer must be designed in combination with the palm of the Chinese people (for example, the Fromm packer is made in Switzerland, and the handle is thick, which can not be accepted by the domestic people). The key setting position must be reasonable, and it must be operated with one hand. You can’t hold the machine with one hand and press the key with one hand, This design is unreasonable (this is the design problem of domestic Z323 packer). It is also necessary to consider the speed and strength of tightening the packing belt. (some domestic packers are slow to respond, and the machine needs to stop for 2-3 seconds when pressing the tensioning key, which delays the working efficiency). The lock joint should be smooth and full, so that the tension of bonding packing belt will be large, Many domestic machines in Wenzhou are bonded at two-thirds. This packaging effect wastes the packaging belt and the bonding is not full

3, battery requirements: the packer is a continuous operation machine, so it is relatively electricity consuming. The packer must be equipped with a backup battery. Many imported packers have only one battery, Say how strong your battery’s power storage capacity is (do you need to charge your battery when it’s durable – does it take time to charge?) so a battery packer won’t work. It’s too troublesome

4. Maintenance: the price of the packer is not high or low. It is impossible for customers to buy it. If it is broken, don’t use it. Kaigong packaging recommends that you pay attention to the brand when choosing the packer and understand the after-sales service of this brand. The maintenance cost of imported packers is 3000-5000 yuan, which can be borne by several customers

p323 rechargeable buckle free plastic steel belt packer produced by Kunshan Aoxing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
it is the only dual motor electric plastic steel belt packer in the world. It is portable, rechargeable and easy to carry. The packaging is not limited by the site and power supply. The tightening wheel is used for tightening, with large tension and adjustable size. The friction time can be adjusted freely according to the characteristics of the packaging belt. The tightening and friction cutting belt are operated by two motors respectively, which can effectively prolong the service life of the machine and have a very low failure rate. It is a highly recommended packaging tool.

Swiss Fromm

do you want domestic or imported

Qingdao McGonagall has an electric packer ort200, which is automatically tightened and electrically welded, and can play 12-16mm packing belt

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