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The cost of flower packaging

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I broke nine roses, but I don’t know where to sell that kind of wrapped gauze and plastic paper. How much does it cost to go to the florist? Tell the florist who knows

the location of each store is different, the source of goods is different, and the charge will be different. For details, just go to the florist directly for consultation

flowers are mainly used to beautify the environment and interpersonal communication, but also as a food source. The flower is composed of corolla, calyx, receptacle and stamen. It has various colors, and some are gorgeous and fragrant. The reproductive organ of angiosperms (angiosperms, also known as flowering plants). Its biological function is to combine male sperm cells with female egg cells to produce seeds. This process begins with pollination, followed by fertilization. After fertilization, seeds are formed and spread. For higher plants, seeds are the next generation. Seeds grow into flowers, pollinate and fertilize, so as to continue the flower life of this variety

and it is the main means for the distribution of species in nature. The combination of flowers on the same plant is called inflorescence. In a broad sense, fresh flowers can refer to all plant reproductive organs with ornamental value, while in a narrow sense, they only refer to all flowering plants

the reproductive organs of angiosperms. A typical flower, on a short axis with limited growth, bearing calyx, corolla and stamens and pistils that produce germ cells. Some scholars believe that the sporophylls of gymnosperms are also “flowers”, while most people believe that angiosperms have flowers, so angiosperms are also known as flowering plants. Each part of the flower is not easy to be affected by the external environment and changes little. Therefore, for a long time, people have taken the morphological structure of the flower as the main basis for the classification, identification and systematic evolution of angiosperms (see Angiospermae)

you can buy it at the stationery store,
it’s cheaper and more cost-effective to buy it yourself
it costs more than ten yuan to pack at the florist =
=. I spent 35 yuan

I’m from the florist. The packaging cost of florists is generally about 10-30 yuan, depending on the quantity of paper and the grade of packaging. The packaging in the small store is cheaper. Packaging is not only technology, but also art. It is the creation of flower art. So the florist charges for packaging. Otherwise, there is no need for packaging. If you want to save advice, it is also fashionable to wrap it with a good-looking newspaper and tie it with a beautiful ribbon. In addition, stationery stores do not sell paper for packaging bouquets. That’s gift wrapping paper.

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