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The characteristics and classification of paper materials are briefly described

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Introduction to packaging, paper container design

1. Features

1. Wide sources of raw materials and low production cost

the raw materials for the production of paper and paperboard grow naturally and have rich sources, which is suitable for mechanized large-scale production; The cost is low, and the packaging container made of 1t packaging paper can replace 10 ~ 12m; Packing boxes made of wood, while the production of 1t paper and paperboard only needs wood 34m & amp; sup3;。 Under the condition of consuming less resources, the packaging products with the best benefit are made

2. Excellent protection performance

compared with other packaging containers, the carton not only has good mechanical strength, but also has good cushioning performance, but also has heat insulation, shading, moisture-proof and dust-proof, which can well protect the inner goods

3. Convenient processing, storage and transportation

paper and paperboard are easy to cut, fold, bond or nail, forming cartons, cartons, paper bags and other packaging containers with different shapes and functions. They are not only suitable for mechanized processing and automatic production, but also can produce beautiful packaging by hand. The paper products before packaging can be folded for storage and transportation, which not only saves space but also reduces cost

4. Good printing and decoration adaptability

the surface of paper and paperboard is flat and can print exquisite patterns, which is conducive to sales promotion; Especially on supermarket shelves, goods with exquisite printing and decoration and unique shapes can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy

5. Safety and hygiene

paper and paperboard packaging materials are non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, safe and hygienic; Various kinds of paper packaging materials produced under strict process and technical conditions can meet the packaging requirements of different commodities without polluting the packaging contents

6. It is green and easy to recycle & nbsp; Paper packaging containers can be recycled or recycled for papermaking, so the waste generated by paper packaging is very small, which can degrade in a short time even after being discarded, and will not pollute the environment; Paper packaging materials are produced and processed from plant raw materials. They are recycled in nature, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. It is a green packaging method for sustainable development

7. Good composite processability & nbsp; The composite packaging function of paper and paperboard with other materials such as plastic and aluminum foil is more perfect, and can be widely used in the fields of high strength, moisture-proof and water drainage, heat sealing and high barrier packaging

II. Classification

paper 11 categories are: printing paper, writing paper, drawing, drawing paper, electrical insulation paper, cigarette paper, suction paper, meter paper, photosensitive paper, transfer paper (base paper), industrial technology paper and packaging paper

six types of paperboard are: binding paperboard, box making paperboard, insulating paperboard, industrial technology paperboard, construction paperboard and shoemaking paperboard

expanded data:

1. What material is paper made of?

the raw material of papermaking is mainly plant fiber. In addition to the three main components of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, there are other components with less content, such as resin, ash, etc. In addition, there are auxiliary components such as sodium sulfate

in addition to plant fibers, different fillers need to be added according to different paper materials. For example, copper antibacterial paper is to compound copper ions on the first monomer acrylonitrile of polyacrylonitrile (commonly known as acrylic fiber) to prepare modified acrylic fiber composite fiber, and then add the modified acrylic fiber to plant fiber and paper for various purposes to prepare antibacterial paper

in 2010, with the growing demand for environmental protection, paper mills have launched paper with different percentages of recycled paper, including 100% recycled paper and only 50% recycled paper, which is suitable for the needs of different customers. Recycled paper comes from waste paper and can be reused after disinfection, pulping and other treatment. The purpose of the pulping system is to completely break the waste paper without damaging the fiber and breaking the non paper components

2. How paper was made

early papermaking methods

there are few historical records on the methods of papermaking in ancient China, but there has been little substantive change in the manufacturing process and principle of paper since its invention for 2000 years. To sum up, the following points can be summarized:

first, soak the felled plants, such as hemp plants, peel them with water, chop them with a knife, cook them in a pot, soak them after drying, step on them, and stir them with a stick to make their fibers broken and thin

the second is to add auxiliary materials to make pulp

reference: classification of paper materials – china.com

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