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Shanghai Huikun Machinery Co., Ltd. recruitment information, how about Shanghai Huikun Machinery Co., Ltd?

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• Company Profile:

Shanghai Huikun Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on August 6, 2012, The registered capital is 2 million yuan, the legal representative is Zhang Daorong, the address of the company is workshop 1117, building 8, No. 385 Nanfeng Road, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, the unified social credit code and tax number is, the industry is other general equipment manufacturing industry, the registration authority is Fengxian District Market Supervision Bureau, and the business scope is the manufacturing of mechanical equipment and accessories, electromechanical equipment (except special equipment) Processing (operated by branches with the upper limit), processing of metal products, molds and tools (operated by branches only), wholesale and retail of fixtures, inspection tools, hardware and electrical equipment, metal materials, building materials, packaging materials, office furniture, stationery, sporting goods, rubber products, general labor protection articles, valves, hydraulic equipment and pneumatic equipment, Mechanical and electrical equipment installation and construction engineering, professional construction, business information consulting. [for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments]. The industrial and commercial registration number of Shanghai Huikun Machinery Co., Ltd. is

• shareholder:

Zhang Daorong, with a capital contribution ratio of 100.00%, The subscribed capital contribution is 2 million yuan

• senior executives:

Zhang Daorong serves as executive director

Zhu huaifeng serves as supervisor

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