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Rice bag size

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Who can tell me the size of the rice bag? 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg?

Category & nbsp; Width * height ≥ (CM) & nbsp; Remarks
5kg & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 30*45 & nbsp; Including portable

10kg & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; 35*55 & nbsp; Including portable

20kg & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; 45*70

25kg & nbsp; & nbsp; 45*75

50kg & nbsp; & nbsp; 95 * 55

Introduction to the material of rice packaging bag

rice packaging bag has the functions of mildew prevention, insect prevention, quality assurance and transportation. This is precisely because rice is not protected by rice husk like rice, so rice needs the protection of rice packaging bag& nbsp;

rice bags are generally made of gunny bags, cloth bags and plastic woven bags, but gunny bags and cloth bags can not protect rice well because of their great air permeability. Therefore, these two materials are rarely used in rice packaging. At present, there are many materials used in rice packaging, such as plastic woven bags made of plastic film and composite plastic bags made of composite materials. Plastic woven bags are used to pack rice. The packaging method is simple, but the materials are moisture-proof and light-proof, and the rice is prone to mildew and insect pests. Generally, rice bags will not be used. Composite plastics The bag is made of high barrier materials EVOH, PVDC, pet, PA, PE, PP and other materials. The rice packaging bag made of this material has the characteristics of moisture-proof, mildew proof and insect proof effect. In addition, the printing pattern and trademark on the rice packaging bag will be obvious, and the text and bar code will be clearly visible, which will be easier to attract and promote sales

rice packaging bags because the strength of each manufacturer of rice packaging bags is different, the rice packaging bags produced by some manufacturers are easy to cause packaging rupture, which brings great harm to the sales and storage of rice Annoying. The rice packaging bags produced by Yuli packaging are printed with non-toxic environmental protection materials and environmental protection ink. The rice packaging bags produced have the characteristics of good material, exquisite printing and storage resistance of products& nbsp;

with the reduction of family population and the change of people’s aesthetic views, the packaging of rice should be changed from large to small and from heavy to light in the process of transportation and sales. On the premise of determining the fresh-keeping effect, there is more potential to be tapped. In order to create a rice brand and increase the added value of goods, rice packaging bags are very important

type width * height ≥ (CM) remarks
50kg 95 * 55
25kg 45 * 75
20kg 45 * 70
10kg 35 * 55 including portable
5kg 30 * 45 including portable

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