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Recent recruitment?

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Recent recruitment?

December 13, Shanghai Gymnasium – Zhonghao printing and packaging industry on-site job fair 1. Activity time: December 13, 2009 (Sunday) 2. Venue: Shanghai Gymnasium (No. 1111 Caoxi North Road) 3. Participants: printing and packaging enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, job seekers and other people from all walks of life 4. Scale of the conference: 200 enterprises are expected to participate, It can accommodate 8000 to 20000 job seekers. December 20, Beijing Yonghe palace talent market – Zhonghao printing and packaging special job fair. 1. Activity time: Tuesday, December 20, 2009 (Sunday). Venue: Beijing Yonghe palace talent market. 3. Participants: website: 10000 job seekers in the printing and packaging industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. 4. Scale of the conference: it is expected that there will be 100 participating enterprises, Cooperation media that can accommodate 10000 job seekers at the same time: Zhonghao printing talent network printhr, Zhonghao packaging talent network packhr, keyin media, keyin network, China Printing Technology Research Institute, Shanghai Printing Technology Association Beijing Institute of printing hotline: Beijing job fair 010-63563457, 63563472, 63563410, 63563419 Shanghai job fair 021-51978261, 51978262, 51978263, 51978164 national 400-6618-979 participating enterprises: Top 100 printing enterprises, large packaging groups and large printing plants; Printing area: Publishing and printing, packaging color box printing, label and bill printing, digital fast printing, screen clothing accessories printing; Packaging area: paper packaging, flexible packaging, plastic packaging, metal, glass and wood products packaging, food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging; Machinery zone: prepress phototypesetting equipment, CTP, printing press, post press processing and packaging machinery factory; Consumables zone: paper, plastic, metal, blanket, wood products, ink, adhesive and other consumables manufacturers. Type of job seeker: business management: printing factory director, purchasing manager, quality management, workshop director, consumables sales, packaging carton, color printing salesman of books and periodicals; Prepress production: compositor, printer, CTP, computer design, electronic proofing, color management, output production; Printing workshop: Heidelberg, Komori, Roland, gaobao, domestic beiren, Jingdezhen and other printing captains and assistants; Color printing packaging: packaging structure design, corrugated cardboard box production line workers, film blowing, dry compound, wet compound, slitting and bag making; Post press processing: paper cutting, automatic die-cutting, manual die-cutting, indentation, bronzing, box pasting, gluing, carton slotting; Other personnel: mechanical design, electrical design engineer, maintenance engineer, ink mixer, screen printing machine captain, printing bench worker, etc. Zhonghao has successfully held several on-site job fairs in the printing and packaging industry: 1. In November 2007, the campus double selection meeting for 2008 fresh graduates of Beijing Institute of printing, 97 exhibitors and 2000 job seekers. 2. In March 2008, the campus double selection meeting for 2008 fresh graduates of Beijing Institute of printing, 102 exhibitors and 2000 job seekers. 3. In September 2009, there were 220 exhibitors and 50000 job seekers at the on-site job fair of printing and packaging industry in Shanghai Gymnasium.

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