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Production of wet towel packaging bags

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this bag is actually a composite membrane. Generally, according to your packaging capacity and barrier requirements, two-layer or three-layer composite film will also be selected. Therefore, you can find local printing and bag manufacturers. A common three-layer structure is PET //VMPET //PE. The pet on the surface layer is the printing layer, the aluminized pet in the middle is the barrier layer, and the PE on the inner layer is the heat sealing layer
the pattern is generally printed, and the printing process adopted in China is also gravure printing
the adhesive tape at the mouth of the bag can be said to be an opening sticker. The common ones are milky white, transparent or aluminized. The adhesive sticker has a special supplier, such as Eli. However, you can ask your packaging bag supplier to provide you with integrated supply, and the label is also purchased and printed by the bag supplier
of course, if your packaging machine supports it, you can find a special label factory to supply labels, and cooperate with the supplier of composite film to make bags, fill, seal and label wet wipes on your automatic packaging machine.

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