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Product specifications and parameters of bone china tableware?

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how many heads of tableware are there? What are the specifications of Chinese tableware?

[material]: Bone China [style]: European [process]: Decal [package]: color box [Specification]: 4 4.25 inch bowls; 2 8-inch flat plates; 2 8-inch soup plates; 1 large bowl; 1 large spoon and 2 6-inch noodle bowls; [origin overview]: Tangshan, Hebei Province, known as the capital of porcelain in the north, is the birthplace and main production base of bone porcelain in China. Tangshan Bone China is known as “thin as paper, white as jade and sound as loud” and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. With excellent texture, exquisite modeling and rich patterns, it is deeply loved by people at home and abroad. It is a world recognized high-grade porcelain. It is named because the raw material contains animal bone powder. The successful development of Bone China and its main origin are located in Tangshan. At present, more than 80% of the domestic and export products of bone porcelain come from Tangshan, which shows the strength of its bone porcelain industry. Therefore, Tangshan has won the reputation of “northern porcelain capital” and has become a fixed venue for China’s ceramic Expo. Compared with the three well-known brands of Tangshan and Dalton ceramics, the quality of Dalton ceramics has exceeded that of Royal Dalton ceramics in the world. And has fully entered the EU, North America, Japan and South Korea three bone china international mainstream high-end market. [understanding bone porcelain] bone porcelain is recognized as the most high-grade porcelain in the world. Bone china is a kind of porcelain made by adding herbivore bone powder into porcelain clay and firing in phosphate system with calcium phosphate as solvent. The finished product is light, fine and hard, not easy to wear and crack. Under the irradiation of light, it is crystal clear, white and transparent, and its color becomes the unique natural milky white of natural bone powder. Bone china is characterized by high whiteness, good transparency, soft luster, excellent decorative effect and particularly pleasant sound. The character of being as gentle as jade is in line with the pure and mild color, but it creates a different charm. Bone China has been the best of ceramics for 300 years. So far, Bone China is still a symbol of the owner’s identity and status with its noble and gorgeous quality. [characteristics of Bone China] white as jade, thin as paper, sound as sweet and bright as a mirror. With white color, thin tire, fine quality and bright glaze, it is recognized as the most high-grade porcelain in the world. [bone china maintenance] 1. Wash it by hand instead of using a dishwasher. If you use a dishwasher, please choose a dishwasher with the function of washing porcelain. 2. Do not put the cup with Phnom Penh in the microwave oven to avoid corrosion. 3. The washing pH value is between 11-11.5. 4. When washing with clean water, the water temperature should not exceed 80 ℃. 5. Please do not immerse the hot cup directly in cold water to avoid damage to the porcelain due to rapid temperature change, and do not use it with sudden cooling and heat to avoid cracking. 6. If there are scratches, you can polish them with toothpaste. 7. If there are tea stains, you can wash them with lemon juice or vinegar. 8. Don’t burn it directly with open fire. Pinyuanxuan comes from Tangshan, the hometown of Bone China. The porcelain brand has its own brand patent, its own studio and an excellent and professional creative team. The raw materials of the company’s products meet international environmental protection standards.

different manufacturers have different specifications and different supporting facilities. The specifications and supporting facilities are set by the manufacturers according to their daily use, in order to facilitate different levels of buyers.

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