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Pazhou Exhibition features

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I) industrial advantages, consumer market and market radiation Guangdong is China’s largest economic province, with electronic information, electrical machinery, petrochemical industry, forest industry and papermaking, medicine, automobile, textile and garment, food and beverage, building materials, furniture, tourism, printing, playing tools, logistics, animal husbandry, gifts, bicycles, molds, franchising, packaging, sporting goods, flower gardening, shoemaking, lighting Cultural goods, education and other industrial industries have strong competitiveness in the country and even in the world. “Guanghuo” is well-known nationwide, and the Pearl River Delta is also known as the “global manufacturing center”. The total industrial output value of Guangzhou has been among the top ten cities in China for many consecutive years. It is the city with the most complete industrial categories in Guangdong and even South China. As a central city, Guangzhou has surpassed South China and is steadily expanding into the economic circle of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and even the whole Southeast Asia
in recent years, Guangdong’s GDP accounts for more than one tenth of the national GDP. The total investment in fixed assets, the total retail sales of social goods, the balance of residents’ savings deposits, the total import and export volume, fiscal revenue and other major economic indicators rank first in the country. Guangdong has a huge market for means of production and consumer goods. Exhibitors from all over the country and even all over the world can easily find buyers in high demand here
especially with the emerging of “9 + 2” Pan Pearl River Delta regional economic cooperation, Guangdong, with Hong Kong as the gateway, backed by Central South and southwest provinces and facing resource exporting countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, will gradually play the role of regional economic coordinator and become a new economic center in Southeast Asia
II) hardware facilities
the foreign trade center operates and manages two super large exhibition halls in Guangzhou, which is unique in China. Therefore, it has incomparable business advantages compared with other similar enterprises. The two pavilions have their own advantages. They are suitable for exhibitions of different types and sizes, and can provide more choices for organizers who want to develop new projects in Guangzhou
1. Pazhou Exhibition Hall
(1) Pazhou Exhibition Hall is a multifunctional, comprehensive and high-standard international exhibition center with the largest scale, the most advanced facilities and the highest grade in Asia, which can meet the needs of large-scale international commodity fairs and large-scale trade exhibitions. Holding an exhibition here can better highlight the taste and grade of the exhibition
(2) Pazhou Pavilion is a modern building with the perfect combination of high technology, intelligence and ecology. It is designed according to the national 5A intelligent building standard. International high and new technologies are widely used in the construction. The intelligent, ventilation and transportation systems reflect the world’s advanced level; The floor height, ground load and power supply can meet the requirements of various exhibitions with harsh conditions for the exhibition hall, such as large-scale machinery exhibition and sailing exhibition
(3) the area of a single exhibition hall is about 10000 m2, and the facade design of each hall is reasonable. The 13 exhibition halls on the first and second floors have open facade, and multiple exhibitions can be held at the same time without interference. The exhibition hall has large columnless space, high utilization rate and special decoration effect
(4) supporting facilities related to conferences and exhibitions will be built around the exhibition hall, such as hotels, office buildings, banks, commercial services, museums, etc., which can fully meet the business travel requirements of merchants
(5) the transportation is convenient, with subway platforms and urban trunk roads in the East, West, South and north directions. The opened metro lines 2 and 4 meet here. At present, 137, 203, 206 express lines, 229, 262 and other multi-channel buses have set up stops here
III) participating brands
(1) moving door brands: Xinbiao, Paiya, Dayang, Sao Paulo, Jieshun, Aowei, Hennessy, Kangpai, longshumen and youpai
(2) bathroom brands: Huida, Kohler, Toto, Wrigley, Lejia, farnsa, American Standard, meijiahua, Apollo and Hengjie
(3) overall wardrobe brands: Sofia, Comando, haolaike, Xinbiao, Kanaya, Baidesheng and Weiyi

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