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Paper mills have stopped production. Is this the reason for the sharp rise in paper prices?

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recently, the rise in the price of paper has become a hot spot of public concern. The prices of all kinds of paper, including cultural paper and packaging paper, have increased. Major domestic cultural paper enterprises and traders have issued several price increase letters, of which the price of cultural paper generally increases by 200 yuan /ton and that of white cardboard is close to 1000 yuan /ton& nbsp;

when the price of paper rises, but the paper mill has to stop production, is it deliberately caused by rare goods? Or use the secret? Since May, people of culture have generally raised the price by 200 yuan a ton of white cards, and the price has even reached 1000 yuan a ton. In this round of price rise, some people only want to raise the price three times a day, which can be said to make a lot of money. However, strange things have happened. Many paper enterprises have suddenly announced shutdown for maintenance

Why are paper enterprises unwilling to start work when the price of paper rises

is this something you don’t want to earn? First of all, we should understand that the biggest problem of China’s paper industry is actually that we rely too much on imported paper. Since 2003, ah, China’s pulp import volume has always been the largest in the world, and the demand is increasing. Among them, ah’s wood pulp import volume reached 30.64 million tons in 2020, accounting for 72.8% of the total wood pulp consumption. From the perspective of raw material market, we are now heavily dependent on the international market, so it is precisely because of this, When the supply of pulp raw materials is insufficient due to the epidemic in foreign enterprises. At present, domestic paper mills are actually facing the pressure of insufficient raw materials. It is the so-called “skillful woman can’t make bricks without rice”

it is excusable that the paper mill does not start operation

secondly, it’s also a last resort for paper mills not to start work, because in the domestic end market, the price of face value products is actually not high, but the price of raw material cartons has increased sharply, which leads to an upside down between the overall cost and the price of final products. This upside down will lead to more paper mills making more paper, the more losses they will make. Therefore, it’s better to announce shutdown and forcibly stop loss

does the price of daily toilet paper bubble? p>

at present, the price has risen. It is said that the recovery rate of waste paper in China can reach 90%, which is higher than that in developed countries. Moreover, domestic professional giants have also arranged upstream industries abroad, so at present, China is not as mobile as abroad to grab toilet paper and worry about the risk of toilet paper

Yes, because there is no one to produce, it makes the price of paper rise sharply. This is also an important factor. I hope it can be improved immediately.

I think this is one of the reasons for the sharp rise in prices, because the supply in the market has decreased.

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