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Packaging technology of pastry food

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Who can help me introduce the technological process of pastry food packaging, the more detailed the better!!!!

sweet potato is rich in nutritional value and widely used. It has a large planting area in China, but fresh sweet potato has high water content, it is difficult to store and keep fresh for a long time, and the nutrient consumption is large during storage, resulting in serious disease loss. Therefore, in order to prolong the supply time of sweet potato, it must be dried. In the experiment, we focus on developing a kind of sweet potato powder to make it convenient to store and prolong the storage time. This kind of sweet potato powder can be used as ingredients for steamed bread, flower roll, bread, pastry, stuffing and so on
(I) operating procedures
raw materials: select sweet potatoes with three flesh colors: Purple flesh, orange flesh and yellow flesh
(II) process flow
clean the sweet potatoes with three kinds of raw materials → peel → dice → protect color → dry → crush (measure moisture) → package
① cleaning: it must be cleaned, which is related to the final quality of the product
② peeling: use a bamboo knife to remove the outer skin of sweet potato, especially the sunken part of sweet potato skin
③ slicing or shredding: use a vegetable slicer to cut the peeled sweet potato into potato chips or diced potatoes of a certain specification
④ color protection: prepare a 0.5% solution with salt and soak the cut sweet potato chips or diced potatoes in it for a few minutes
⑤ drying: dry with drying equipment to ensure the hygiene of the product, and pay attention to the temperature, which is generally between 45 ~ 50 ℃. The drying time can be determined according to the size of potato chips and potato filaments, so that the final moisture is less than 6%
⑥ crushing and packaging: crush the dried sweet potato with a hammer mill to make the fineness of sweet potato powder about 80 mesh
(III) results and analysis
the color of purple and orange sweet potato powder is better than that of yellow sweet potato powder. Therefore, purple and orange sweet potato varieties were selected as raw materials. The sweet potato powder prepared by the above method can be used as food raw materials to make a variety of foods. Such as sweet potato cake, sweet potato cake, sweet potato roll, sweet potato bread, etc. the production methods are steaming, boiling and frying

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making method
1 Raw material selection. Choose potato or sweet potato starch

2. Make flour thicken. Adjust the starch into a thin paste with hot water with 50% of the amount of starch, then rush into the prepared starch thin paste with boiling water and stir quickly. After about 10 minutes, the powder paste will be transparent and become a powder thicken

add 0.5% alum into the powder thicken, mix it with an appropriate amount of wet starch and powder thicken, and knead it into a soft powder that has no particles, does not touch hands and can be brushed. The dough should be soft, so that when the nail is used to mark on it, the two sides of the crack can not be closed. At this time, it can be used to leak the powder

3. Powder leakage. The only difference between the production of vermicelli and vermicelli is that the thickness of the sieve is different. When leaking vermicelli, the dough should be slightly thin

put the dough on the leaky spoon with sieve, put it on the boiling water pot, and gently press it with your hand. If the next strip is too fast, it is easy to break, indicating that the powder is too thin. If the next strip is too slow or uneven in thickness, it indicates that the powder is too dry, which can be adjusted by adding powder or water. The noodles should be shaken frequently after being put into boiling water to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot. The water temperature should be kept at 97 ~ 98 ℃. The distance between the scoop and the water surface can be determined according to the required fineness of powder. Generally, it is about 55 ~ 65cm. The strips are thin when they are high and thick when they are low. When they are about to float, pick them up with a rod and put them into a cold water tank for cooling. After cooling, wrap them into bundles, soak them in the acid slurry for 3 ~ 4 minutes, pick them up and rinse them with clean water. Soaking in acid pulp can increase the smoothness of noodles. If the color of vermicelli is poor, it can be fumigated and bleached with sulfur dioxide (or fumigated first after making wet starch to bleach it)

the cleaned vermicelli must be hung with a rope in the sun farm to dry. When drying, it should be shaken open as soon as possible to dry evenly. When drying the vermicelli in winter, it can be freeze-dried at a natural low temperature

fresh potato noodle making method
If fresh potato is used, wash the fresh potato first, grind it, pour it into clean water, repeatedly stir it manually or mechanically to precipitate the starch, filter and remove the coarse residue (it must be filtered for 3 ~ 4 times), then let the precipitated starch stand in the cylinder for 1 ~ 2 hours, skim the upper layer of clean water, and lay a layer of white cloth on the starch surface, Pour the plant ash on the white cloth, absorb water for about 1 hour, take out the white cloth together with the plant ash, take out the starch, divide it into several pieces and hang it in the cloth bag for filtration until there is no water dripping, that is, wet starch is prepared. Then make vermicelli with wet starch.

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