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Packaging technology of bottled beer

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most domestic beers are packed in plastic boxes or cartons

the plastic boxes are packed by the packing machine
that is, the vacuum bucket is used to grab beer from the assembly line and put it into the plastic box below
9 bottles are relatively few, and generally 12 bottles are in the majority

cartons are packed by carton machine. Before packaging, the carton is a plane. After entering, beer bottles are folded and packaged into finished products

both plastic boxes and cartons are operated automatically

PVC is still rarely used in China. It seems that only a small number of cans and Budweiser and other high-end beer are used.

that kind of hard plastic is called PVC, which is a heat shrinkable packaging method. First, the PVC film (PVC film) is wound on the beer bundle, and then through the heating pipe, the PVC shrinks and wraps on the beer bottle to form a packaging. The cost is lower than that of carton packaging, so it is widely used.

corrugated board is generally used for carton packaging
corrugated is a way of packaging

but in addition, plastic box packaging is generally used, but due to the circulation relationship, this packaging method is only applicable to the local area

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