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[owner’s comments: BMW X5 is my dream]

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# reasons for choosing a car has always been my goal, so I have been working hard in my career for the past two years. I think my efforts are worthy of my heart. My studio is very stable and good, and my savings are enough for me to buy a BMW, so I decided to buy one for myself. I must strive to own what I like, and what I get through my efforts is very precious, When I went to the store for a test drive, the clerk recommended the X5 for me. I thought it was very cost-effective. I was particularly satisfied with all aspects, so I chose this one# I’ve been most satisfied with the use of this car for a few months. At present, I’m particularly satisfied with all aspects, because I bought this car carefully at that time, with plenty of space, plenty of power, especially rich interior configuration and easy handling. It’s impeccable# Most dissatisfied. I think the smell of the new car will be a little strong when I just picked it up, but after I put a bamboo charcoal bag in the car, it basically dissipated after driving for a while# The space in the car is particularly sufficient, and the seats can be adjusted freely. Usually, the leg and head space in the car are particularly free. Even after the front seats are adjusted, the rear passengers will not feel pressure# The appearance is very aggressive and particularly young. The design of the front face is particularly recognizable, including the headlights# The interior upholstery is made of soft materials and soft packaging. The workmanship is particularly exquisite. Moreover, the layout of the center console is also very coordinated. The center console screen is also very clear. It is very convenient to use at ordinary times, including the atmosphere light in the car. It is also very pleasant to use at night# The power is really abundant, and it is relatively stable both at the start and in the middle of acceleration. There is no obvious sense of frustration. You can also feel that the power is always flowing in the process of use# I’m really satisfied with the handling, because the steering wheel is particularly flexible, the steering direction is particularly accurate, and the explosive force of acceleration is particularly strong. It’s very easy to turn around at ordinary times, and I’m very confident in overtaking and accelerating# Comfort the seats in the car are very soft. They are very comfortable to sit in at ordinary times, and there is plenty of space in the car. When driving at ordinary times, the vision is particularly good, including the sound insulation effect is also very good. Driving with and without windows is completely two kinds of experience# After all, the fuel consumption is an SUV model, and it is also a BMW series. It is reasonable that the fuel consumption is higher than that of ordinary cars. However, my driving habits are relatively stable, so the fuel consumption will not be high or low. After all, personal driving habits will affect the fuel consumption.

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