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Our factory is recruiting workers. Is there anyone looking for a job?

by admin

I’m looking for where you are


personal suggestion: I’m glad to share my seven-year work experience with you, so that you can avoid detours

first, you can find the prospect of your job online, Some industries are still good

no matter what industry you do, it will pay off as long as you work hard

you spend a lot before you find a job. If you are ready to go out to find a job now, you should prepare in advance

try to work in cities with many acquaintances, relatives and friends. You are tired, You can talk to your relatives and friends

now the domestic economy is not very prosperous and is in transition. You can pay attention to the CCTV economic channel

because sometimes others think your education is low and you don’t have enough experience, let me share my working experience of several years with you

1. Try to avoid the urban area in the workplace. The job competition in the urban area is fierce
2. Choose manufacturing enterprises, which will not be too harsh on academic qualifications
3. Choose small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises have high and strict academic requirements
4. Study and study again. No matter whether you are on the job or not, you should read more work-related books to enrich yourself
5. The process of looking for a job is actually a process of learning. You can review your shortcomings and make up for them in time
6. Everyone is a talent. Believe in yourself and be patient when looking for a job
7. At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises can give you more opportunities to practice

First: how to prevent cheating when looking for a job

1. Go to the local regular talent market and don’t believe the so-called roadside information
2. Submit your resume on the regular Internet, let alone some information with unclear company signs
3. If you receive the interview request from the other party, you first roughly analyze the other party’s company situation
4. Log in to the Internet to know the company details in advance,
Second, don’t take the information you want to blackmail to the places where you don’t meet the basic requirements. Br>
analyze and compare the information you want to blackmail to the places where you don’t meet the basic requirements
2. Analysis – analyze and study the situation of the company, industry and competition you are going to apply for, and get relevant information
3. Resume – in addition to the requirements of the public, if you can design your resume differently and creatively from person to person, it will have a good effect
4. For example – a “book” resume that is good at creation (collect your own articles)
5. Manuscript list – (copy of manuscript fee list of published works) resume
6 Work – resume (bring your work with “video”) (record your personal situation, work performance, etc.)

Third: self introduction during application

1. Recommendation – be prepared to introduce yourself in the simplest and appropriate language in the shortest time
2. Confidence – don’t ask “how many to recruit”. Believe that you are the only suitable candidate, but don’t be blindly arrogant
3. Appearance – personal appearance should be “packaged” according to the position applied, which can also bring confidence to yourself
4. Record – prepare pen and paper, and write down the location, route and person in charge of the interview place, personal profile, opinions, etc<6. What are your boss's common goals for leaving the company? Br> for example, what are your boss’s common goals for leaving the company? Br>, Which position you want to get
9. Your idea of the position and salary requirements

Fourth: how to be polite when applying for an interview

1. Punctuality – arrive in advance of the appointment time and make some preparations before application
2. Interview – stand up and shake hands with moderate strength; Smile easily and look directly at the examiner
3. Dialogue – communication, right to enjoy; Ask questions, listen and keep up with ideas,
4. Answer questions flexibly and sincerely; At the end, don’t forget to thank; Get business cards and strengthen contacts
5. Focus – try to grasp the focus of communication within an effective time: key points of the position
6. Feelings – after the interview, no matter what the result is, you should write down your feelings, one experience and one promotion
7. Taboos – not confident, not serious, dishonest, looking for acquaintances, paying attention to treatment and asking questions

fifth: you should pay attention to the things you should be cautious about

1. If the other company is a small company and there are few people, you should not pay the deposit, clothing fee and so on
2. You haven’t made money yet. It must be a liar to pay money to him first. When you go to the interview, you should write it down and observe it carefully
3 Another is to check whether their company name is registered on the industrial and commercial Internet. Even if they are registered, they can not be said to be a regular company
4. Also, search their “company name + liar” on the Internet to see if there are many negative information. If there are many negative information, be careful
5. However, there are some cases, It is understandable that large enterprises may pay some clothing fees (i.e. one or two hundred yuan)
6. After all, the company has its corporate culture and internal rules and regulations in the process of development
7. However, you should understand the general situation of the company during the probation period. If the work is promising, it doesn’t matter to pay this money

postscript for you: I used to run around for job hunting, but now I’m growing up
I hope you can find the job you want. It’s not easy for everyone to run around for life outside
although it may not solve your practical problems, I’m still happy to answer for you
your adoption and praise are my biggest driving force. Although I’m tired, But the way to help others is happy

I hope you will get better and better. In the new year, you will be happy, everything you want will come true, you will be in good health, and your family will be happy

———- — finally, I wish you a smooth job search, a happy job and a happy life — ——– —

———— — if you feel good, please click on the answer and give it a high praise, I wish you a better life——————————

Where are you and how are you treated

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