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Operation steps of inkjet printer

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steps /methods
1 First of all, the environment
customers who use the nozzle of high-definition inkjet printer for more than half a year and keep a line, their environment is clean, the fuselage does not stick a little dust, and they have a set of reasonable management system. I once met such a customer. I didn’t mention the environment first – it’s impossible to get in at all. The machine is full of dust, and the customer and employees said in unison that it doesn’t matter. If it’s dirty and messy, it won’t affect the service life of the machine and nozzle. This is probably a part of typical Chinese people. Fortunately, there are very few such customers. They may not realize that dust can easily enter the main ink tank and then the auxiliary ink tank, and then enter the nozzle, which will affect the printing effect of the nozzle and shorten the service life of the nozzle. It is conceivable that no sprinkler like this machine has a service life of more than three months; At the same time, it lost many customers
2. Secondly, operation
some operators do not listen carefully during training and do whatever they want during operation. It makes sense to talk to him. Some bosses don’t have air traffic control. Some bosses think that trained people can’t be dismissed, otherwise there will be no operators. This will bring a series of consequences. According to a customer they visited, they took web paper to wipe the nozzle. The nozzle part of the nozzle cannot rub with any object, so it is easy to scratch the surface of the nozzle. Moreover, there are many fine fiber hairs on the surface of toilet paper, which are easy to enter the nozzle, and the fine hairs are easy to hang on the surface of the nozzle. Cause plug and ink dripping, thus affecting the printing effect. Therefore, it is very important to study and listen carefully and operate the equipment in strict accordance with the requirements
3. Thirdly, auxiliary accessories
every accessory on the machine has its purpose and should not be removed at will. The customers I mentioned earlier have no air filters on their main ink tank and auxiliary ink tank. Various particles in the air can easily enter the ink. No one can guarantee that there is no dust in his indoor air. The air filter is used to filter the air and cannot be discarded at will. If it is blocked or damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Here, it is very important that the grounding wire of the equipment. The particles in the air have static electricity, the static electricity generated by the friction between the medium and the equipment, and some electric leakage of the equipment itself, resulting in the body with electricity. If there is no grounding and static electricity cannot be eliminated, it is easy to damage the main accessories such as the nozzle and the main board
4. Finally, maintenance
before the HD inkjet equipment is shut down and powered off, the nozzle must be cleaned and placed on the moisturizing sea mat, so as to ensure that the condition of the nozzle is the same as that of the day before yesterday and the picture quality is the same. However, there is no cleaning system equipment (such as 3.2m large-scale inkjet printer). When shutting down, be sure to apply cleaning fluid on the surface of the nozzle and wrap it tightly with fresh-keeping film, which is close to the nozzle, so as to reduce the volatilization of cleaning fluid and ink. Extend the service life of the nozzle to a certain extent. If it is not used for a long time, the nozzle must be removed from the equipment, soaked in cleaning solution, and wrapped with fresh-keeping film to prevent dust invasion and volatilization of cleaning solution.

correct steps for starting up:
1. Remove the trolley from the moisturizing base (remove the nozzle protection plate)
2. Turn on the computer first, and then turn on the power supply of the equipment
3. Start the machine (press the start button), and then turn on the platform fan switch, feeding motor switch, cold air switch and heating switch in turn
4. Open the software and set the necessary parameters in the printing software
5. Clean the nozzle and print the nozzle test strip
6. Start printing. If you want to know more about the operation steps of the inkjet printer, you can click other advertising production to view it
correct steps for shutdown:
1. Save the print settings in the print control software
2. Turn off the heating switch, platform suction switch, air drying switch and feeding motor switch
3. Press the emergency stop button (more than 3S)
4. Finally turn off the power switch of the equipment, and then turn off the computer
precautions during installation:
1. The nozzle surface shall not contact with other things
2. When installing the nozzle, the machine must be powered off. Remember not to plug and unplug the nozzle with power
3. When preparing to install the nozzle, the ink supply system of the machine must be clean and injected with ink for normal use
4. When assembling, it is required to assemble a nozzle and then open its package to prevent dust from entering the nozzle
5. When installing the nozzle, the ink inlet and exhaust port of the nozzle should be blocked before injecting ink at any time

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