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Operation manual of high-speed special-shaped automatic vacuum capping machine?

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Usage specification of vacuum packaging machine
<1.br /> Objective
to enable operators to master and operate vacuum packaging machine
2. Scope of application
the company’s vacuum packaging can be applied to vacuum sealing packaging
3. Definition
vacuum packaging machine dz500-1d
4. Responsibility
5 Flow chart
6. Main structure and working principle
this machine is mainly composed of five parts: upper working room, lower working platform, frame, electrical system and vacuum system
working process: first close the cover, and the vacuum pump will pump air from the working room. When the predetermined vacuum degree is reached, the vacuum pump will stop working, the pressurizing valve will be opened, the airbag will be inflated, the pressure strip will press down on the sealing part, and at the same time, it will be powered on and heated. After the packaging bag is sealed, the vent valve will be powered on and opened, and the automatic vent and cover opening will complete a working cycle
7. Adjustment and use
1 Preparation before use
a Place the machine stably and check whether the cover is closed smoothly and whether it jumps automatically after releasing the hand, but the jumping force should not be too large; For dz-500 /2S, dz-600 /2S and dz-700 /2S models, adjust the left and right turnbuckles
b、 Equipped with power supply suitable for the requirements of the model
c、 Check whether the position of the oil surface of the vacuum pump is correct. If not, adjust it (see the instructions of the vacuum pump for details.) Ground the machine properly
e、 Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, close the cover and check whether the vacuum pump operates normally. (if there is no air extraction, replace any two wires in the three-phase power line)
2 Adjustment before use
A Select vacuum degree
the pumping time is 0-99.9 seconds, the digital display is continuously adjustable, and the pumping time of small vacuum machine is 0-30 seconds
8 Technical parameters

9 General maintenance
in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong its service life, the maintenance work should be strengthened during use
1、 The temperature of the machine shall be – 10 ℃ – 60 ℃. The relative humidity shall not be greater than 85%; Work in an environment where there is no corrosive gas, powder or explosive dangerous goods in the surrounding air
2、 The oil level of the vacuum pump shall be checked regularly and added regularly to keep the oil level at 1 /2 to 3 /4 of the oil window; The vacuum pump adopts imported 30 automobile oil or special oil for vacuum 0 pump
3、 When it is observed that the oil in the pump turns black and white, there are water droplets in the oil, or the viscosity increases, it is proved that the oil has been polluted and the oil should be replaced immediately. Under normal circumstances, replace the pump oil volume every 1-2 months of continuous operation
4、 The machine with water removal device shall regularly drain water from the drain pipe at the back of the equipment according to the moisture content of the package, and then put the pipe plug after drainage. Generally, the moisture will decompose automatically and does not need to be discharged

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