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Only one side of the box is fake?

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there are the following types of packaging and sealing methods: 1. Back sealing packaging method (pillow packaging machine or vertical packaging machine) 2. Four side sealing packaging method (vertical machine, bagging machine or sealing machine) 3 Three side sealing packaging method (using vertical packaging machine) 4. Blister packaging method (using blister packaging machine, the packaging effect is like a toothbrush) 5. Triangle packaging method (using vertical packaging machine) 6. Filling packaging method (using filling machine) 7. Heat shrinkable packaging method (using heat shrinkable packaging machine + heat shrinkable furnace) 8 Box sealing method (using box machine or manual packaging) 9 Self adhesive bag packaging method (using the bagging machine, the self-adhesive bag packaging effect is like red envelopes and envelopes, which can be understood by all who have used) 10. Corner bag packaging method 11. Four side hot packaging method 12. Manual packaging method (generally refers to that the packaging effect that cannot be completed by the machine needs to be completed manually). The effect of the following packaging sealing methods:

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