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My mother bought a box of peanut cakes for Niuniu. Its outer packaging is as follows. How much flat does it take to make such a box

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cigarettes, whether soft or hard, are wrapped with transparent film. When consumers buy cigarettes, they first contact this layer of outer packaging
real smoke: the plastic film feels smooth, transparent and glossy. It is a special film. This film is only used for cigarette packaging. When you open it and touch it again, you will feel that the outer packaging film is thin and soft
fake cigarette: it uses a general film with poor gloss. When you look at the cigarette box through the film, you will feel poor transparency. It feels sluggish when you touch it with your hand. When you touch it again after it is disassembled, you will feel that this film is thick and hard
second look
identify from the color. Consumers who often smoke one kind of cigarette should pay attention to comparing the color of the cigarette case when purchasing cigarettes. If possible, you might as well bring the real empty cigarette box with you when you buy cigarettes next time. No matter how realistic the fake cigarette box is, it still has color differences with the real cigarette box
identify from cut tobacco. Some people mistakenly believe that the Yellow cut tobacco indicates the better quality of cigarettes. In fact, this is a misunderstanding
real smoke: the cut tobacco of real smoke has natural color, yellow to black. There is generally no untreated tobacco stem in cut tobacco, because the untreated tobacco stem is not easy to burn and easy to extinguish. Regular manufacturers puffed the tobacco stalk during production
fake tobacco: in order to confuse consumers, sulfur is generally used to smoke tobacco leaves, and the cut tobacco looks yellow and bright. Cigarette stems are often seen in fake cigarettes. Its manufacturers cannot make efforts to puff the stems. It is a special process and needs to buy high-grade equipment
identify from soot. After general consumers smoke, they see that the ash is whiter and think it is a good smoke. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. In fact, the color of soot is affected by the dryness of tobacco leaves. When the tobacco leaves are dry, the soot is gray white after combustion, on the contrary, it is darker and difficult to smoke
judging from the soot, the true and false smoke should be observed during combustion to see whether the cut tobacco is mixed with cigarette stem risers. When the cigarette stem appears, the cigarette will be difficult to smoke
three smoking
cigarette smoking is a more effective means for consumers to identify the authenticity of cigarettes. Ordinary consumers smoke a cigarette for a long time, and the taste suddenly changes greatly, so they may encounter fake cigarettes
real smoke: generally, the formula is relatively stable and the taste is also stable. A variety of cigarettes produced by regular cigarette factories are exquisite in material selection, and the formula has been developed for a long time. Although the source of tobacco leaves may come from different regions of the country, the stability of taste can be guaranteed by making a comprehensive formula according to 40 grades of cut tobacco ingredients
fake cigarettes: it is impossible for counterfeiters to take into account the taste. If they can paste them into roughly similar cigarettes and change them into money, everything will be fine. It can also be said that fake cigarettes taste the same
four disassembly
through the above methods, when it is difficult to identify the authenticity of cigarettes at the moment, the most direct way is to open it
it is a more direct way to open the packing box and identify it from the way of viscose
real smoke: the packing boxes are produced on a large scale by machines. The glue on the machine is in the form of dots. The glue dispensing at the bonding points on both sides of the cigarette box is neat, regular and fixed
for example, there are three fixed glue points on the side of each cigarette box, and the spacing of each glue point is equal, about 10cm. The gluing on both sides of a pack of cigarette boxes is in the form of glue dispensing. If you tear it apart, you can see the neatly arranged glue stains one by one, with a distance of 2-2.5mm between the two points. The glue marks on both sides are also symmetrical
fake cigarettes: they are manually glued and brushed with a brush. When you take it apart, you can clearly see the traces of the brush, and the glue marks on both sides of the cigarette box are also asymmetric, which is very random
anti counterfeiting professionals say that it is the most effective to open the cigarette box to identify the authenticity, which is applicable to all fake cigarette identification
another way to identify after disassembly is to look at the lining paper. Each pack of cigarettes has metallic platinum paper inside. After opening the cigarette box, open the platinum paper to get the cigarette. There is stress in the opening part. There are only two connections of real cigarette platinum paper, and other parts are completely cut, so it is easy to open. When the fake cigarette platinum paper is opened, the middle is serrated, and the opening part is rough and uneven.

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