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Must all products be CCC certified

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catalogue of the first batch of compulsory certification products
I. wires and cables (5 kinds in total)
wire components, mining rubber sheathed flexible cables, wires and cables for railway rolling stock with AC rated voltage of 3KV and below, rubber insulated wires and cables with rated voltage of 450 /750V and below, PVC insulated wires and cables with rated voltage of 450 /750V and below
II Circuit switches and electrical devices for protection or connection (6 kinds in total)
couplers (appliances for household, industrial and similar purposes), plugs and sockets (appliances for household, industrial and similar purposes), thermal fuse links, tubular fuse links of small fuses, switches of fixed electrical devices for household and similar purposes, enclosures of electrical accessories for fixed electrical devices for household and similar purposes
III Low voltage apparatus (9 kinds in total)
low voltage apparatus
leakage protector, circuit breaker (including RCCB, RCBO and MCB), fuse, low-voltage switch (isolator, disconnector and fuse combination), other circuit protection devices [protectors: current limiter, circuit protection device, overcurrent protector, thermal protector, overload relay, low-voltage electromechanical contactor and motor starter], relay (36V & lt; voltage £ 1000V) Other switches (electrical switch, vacuum switch, pressure switch, proximity switch, foot switch, thermal switch, liquid level switch, button switch, limit switch, microswitch, reverse switch, temperature switch, travel switch, change-over switch, automatic change-over switch, knife switch) Other devices (contactor, motor starter, signal lamp, auxiliary contact assembly, master controller, AC semiconductor motor controller and starter), low voltage switchgear
IV. small power motor (1 kind in total) small power motor
v. electric tools (16 kinds in total)
electric drill (including impact electric drill), electric screwdriver and impact wrench, electric grinder, sander, circular saw, electric hammer (including electric pick), non flammable liquid electric spray gun, electric scissors (including double-edged electric scissors and electric punching shear), tapping machine, reciprocating saw (including curve saw and knife saw), plug-in concrete vibrator, electric chain saw, electric planer Electric pruning shears and electric grass shears, bakelite milling and trimming machines, electric stone cutting machines (including marble cutting machines)
VI. electric welding machines (15 kinds in total)
small AC arc welding machines, AC arc welding machines, DC arc welding machines, TIG arc welding machines, MIG /MAG arc welding machines, submerged arc welding machines, isoionic arc cutting machines, plasma arc welding machines, arc welding transformer anti electric shock devices, welding cable coupling devices, resistance welding machines, welding wire feeding devices TIG welding torch, MIG /MAG welding gun, electric welding tongs
VII. Household and similar equipment (18 kinds in total)
1. Household refrigerator and food freezer: refrigerator with or without frozen food storage room with effective volume less than 500 liters for household or similar purposes Frozen food storage box and food freezer and their combination 2. Electric fan: single-phase AC and DC electric fan for household and similar purposes 3. Air conditioner: air conditioner for household and similar purposes with refrigeration capacity not exceeding 21000 kcal /h 4. Motor compressor: closed type (fully enclosed and semi enclosed) for household and similar air conditioning and refrigeration devices with input power below 5000W Motor compressor 5. Household electric washing machine: electric washing machine for washing clothes with or without water heating device, dehydration device or clothes drying device 6. Electric water heater: fixed water storage and fast heating electric water heaters that heat water below the boiling point 7. Indoor heater: radiant heater, plate heater, liquid filled heater, fan heater, convection heater for household and similar purposes Tubular heater 8. Vacuum cleaner: it can absorb dry dust or liquid, Vacuum cleaner by series commutator motor or DC motor 9. Skin and hair care appliance: electrical appliance with electric heating element for skin or hair care of human or animal 10. Electric iron: dry electric iron and wet (steam) electric iron for household and similar purposes 11. Electric magnetic stove: stove heated by electromagnetic energy for household and similar purposes, It can include one or more electromagnetic heating elements 12. Electric oven: including electric oven for household and similar purposes with a rated volume of no more than 10 liters, bread toaster Waffle molds and similar appliances 13. Electric food processing appliances: household electric food processors and multifunctional food processors for similar purposes 14. Microwave oven: household appliances with one or more i.s.m. bands of electromagnetic energy above 300MHz to heat food and beverages, which can have coloring function and steam function 15. Electric stove, stove, oven and similar appliances: including household electric stove, separate fixed oven, stove Table top electric stove, stove head, grill and baking pan of electric stove and built-in oven and grill 16. Range hood: installed on the upper part of household cooking appliances and stove, equipped with household appliances such as fan, electric lamp and control regulator for suction and elimination of oil smoke in kitchen 17. Liquid heater and cold and hot water dispenser 18. Electric rice cooker: automatic thermal insulation or timed electric rice cooker heated by electric heating element
VIII Audio and video equipment (excluding broadcast grade audio equipment and car audio equipment) (16 kinds in total)
single speaker and multi speaker active speakers with total output power below 500W (effective value), audio power amplifiers, tuners, radios of various broadcast bands, audio and video recording, playback and processing equipment in various carrier forms (including carrier forms such as various optical discs and tapes), and combinations of the above equipment, Power adapter for audio and video equipment, color TV receiver of various imaging modes, monitor (excluding automotive TV receiver), black-and-white TV receiver and other monochrome TV receivers, video tube, video recorder, satellite TV broadcast receiver, electronic organ, antenna amplifier, cable distribution system equipment and components of sound and TV signals
IX Information technology equipment (12 kinds in total)
microcomputer, portable computer, display equipment connected with computer, printing equipment connected with computer, multi-purpose printing copier, scanner, computer built-in power supply and power adapter charger, computer game console, learning machine, copier, server, financial and trade settlement electronic equipment
10 Lighting equipment (2 kinds in total) (excluding lighting equipment with voltage lower than 36V) lamps, ballasts
Xi. Telecommunications terminal equipment (9 kinds in total)
modems, fax machines Fixed telephone terminal (ordinary telephone, calling number display telephone, card management telephone, recording telephone, coin telephone, smart card telephone, IC card public telephone, hands-free telephone, digital telephone, telephone attachment device), cordless telephone terminal (analog cordless telephone, digital cordless telephone), group telephone (Group telephone, teleconference switchboard) Mobile user terminal (analog mobile telephone, GSM digital cellular mobile station (handset and other terminal equipment), CDMA digital cellular mobile station (handset and other terminal equipment)), ISDN terminal (network terminal equipment (NT1, NT1 +), terminal adapter (card) TA), data terminal (store and forward fax /voice card, POS terminal, interface converter, network hub, other data terminals) Multimedia terminals (videophone, conference television terminal, information on de
mand terminal and other multimedia terminals)
XII. Motor vehicles and safety accessories (4 kinds in total)
(I) automobile: m, N and O vehicles running on roads and urban roads (II) motorcycle: motorcycle with engine exhaust volume exceeding 50cc or maximum design speed exceeding 50km /h (III) automobile and motorcycle parts: automobile safety belt Motorcycle engine
XIII. Motor vehicle tires (3 types in total)
(I) automobile tires: car tires (car radial tires, car bias tires), truck tires (mini truck tires, light truck tires, medium /heavy truck tires) (II) motorcycle tires: motorcycle tires (code indicates series, metric series, portable series, small wheel diameter series)
XIV Safety glass (a total of 3 kinds)
automotive safety glass (class a laminated glass, B type laminated glass, area tempered glass, tempered glass), building safety glass (laminated glass, tempered glass), safety glass for railway vehicles (laminated glass, tempered glass, safety insulating glass)
fifteen, agricultural machinery products (1 kinds)
plant protection machinery (knapsack sprayer), knapsack duster, Knapsack spray duster)
sixteen, latex products (1 species), rubber condoms
seventeen, medical device products (7 kinds)
medical X ray diagnostic equipment, hemodialysis device, hollow fiber dialyzer, extracorporeal circulation pipeline of blood purification device, electrocardiograph, implantable cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart lung machine
, State Administration of quality supervision and administration, State Food and drug administration, CNCA jointly issued an announcement (No. 52 of 2013), which no longer requires compulsory CCC certification management for 8 kinds of medical devices, such as medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, ECG equipment, hemodialysis device, hollow fiber dialyzer, extracorporeal circulation blood device of blood purification device, artificial cardiopulmonary machine, implantable cardiac pacemaker and rubber condom, since April 23, 2013
18. Fire fighting products (3 kinds in total)
fire alarm equipment (point smoke fire alarm detector, point temperature fire alarm detector, fire alarm controller, fire linkage control equipment, manual fire alarm button), fire hose, sprinkler equipment (sprinkler head, wet alarm valve, water flow indicator, pressure switch for fire protection)
19 Security technology prevention products (1 kind in total)
intrusion detectors (indoor microwave Doppler detector, active infrared intrusion detector, indoor passive infrared detector, microwave and passive infrared composite intrusion detector)
catalogue of the second batch of mandatory certification products
WLAN products
catalogue of the third batch of mandatory certification products
I Solvent based wood coatings (refer to nitro paint /alkyd paint /polyurethane paint solvent based wood coatings for interior decoration)
II. Porcelain tiles (porcelain tiles with average water absorption E & lt; = 0.5% for building decoration)
III. concrete antifreeze
catalogue of the fourth batch of compulsory certification products
I Intrusion detector
1. Magnetic switch intrusion detector
2. Vibration intrusion detector
3. Indoor passive glass breaking detector
2. Anti theft alarm controller
3. Automobile anti-theft alarm system
4. Anti theft safe and anti-theft safe
catalogue of the fifth batch of compulsory certification products
1. Baby carriage
2. Electric toys
3. Plastic toys
4. Metal toys
5. Ejection toys
6 Doll toys
catalogue of the Sixth Batch of compulsory certification products
I. motor vehicle lamps and lanterns products (headlamp, steering lamp; automobile front position lamp /rear position lamp /brake lamp /clearance lamp, front fog lamp, rear fog lamp, reversing lamp, parking lamp, side marker lamp and rear license plate lighting device; motorcycle license plate headlamp and position lamp)
II. Motor vehicle retro reflector
III. vehicle traveling data recorder
IV. reflective identification of vehicle body
v. automobile brake hose
VI. rearview mirror of motor vehicle
VII. Motor vehicle horn
VIII. Automobile fuel tank
IX. door lock

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