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Is Tianchuang capital reliable?

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the full name of Tianchuang capital Tianjin Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and has been reliable for more than ten years of commercial operation
relying on the advantages of regional policies and resources, Tianchuang capital brings together various types of capital such as relevant national and local departments, listed companies and industrial giants, focuses on professional VC investment in key fields such as advanced manufacturing, TMT, energy conservation and environmental protection, medicine and health, consumer services, and extends to PE project investment, mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, forming a whole industry chain operation mode of investment + investment bank. So far, the company has invested in nearly 100 high-tech and high growth small and medium-sized enterprises, of which nearly 10 have been successfully listed on the A-share market, nearly 20 have been listed on the new third board, and many have completed mergers, acquisitions and refinancing, with the listing proportion of invested projects as high as 15%
Li Li, chairman of Tianchuang capital and chairman of evergreen shares. Director of Tianchuang capital. Born in 1971, Chinese nationality, without permanent residency abroad, university degree. He worked in 1992 as a senior economist and a deputy to the 14th and 15th people’s congresses of Tianjin. In 2005, he won the honorary title of “women’s meritorious service” for urban women in China, the title of Tianjin model worker in 2006, the title of excellent enterprise in the 11th Five Year Plan of Tianjin high tech Zone in 2011, and the contribution award of China’s packaging industry. Executive director of the 7th Council of China Packaging Federation, vice president of the 6th packaging and printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association, and vice president of Tianjin Packaging Technology Association. From 1992 to 1995, successively served as the financial manager and general manager of Tianjin Youheng machinery and Electronics Co., Ltd; From 1995 to 2005, served as the general manager of Tianjin Changrong printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd; From 2005 to 2007, served as the chairman and general manager of Tianjin Changrong printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd; Since 2007, he has served as the chairman and general manager of Tianjin Changrong printing equipment Co., Ltd. At present, he is also the chairman and general manager of Tianjin Tairong Precision Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., the chairman and general manager of EVA (Shanghai) printing equipment Co., Ltd., the director of EVA (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., the chairman of Tianjin Mingxuan Investment Co., Ltd. and the chairman of Tianjin Binhai Tianchuang Zhongxin investment fund Co., Ltd.

if you mean Huijia Tianchuang capital management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Shijingshan branch on March 3, 2015. The legal representative is Yang Jianqi. The business scope of the company includes asset management; Investment management; Project investment; Enterprise management consulting, etc

warm tips: the above contents are for reference only. Investment is risky and selection should be cautious

response time: December 15, 2021. Please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.

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