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Is the printing color generally RGB or CMYK

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at present, the offset press must be in CMYK mode, and both digital printing can be used.

1. Standard size of business card: 90mmx54mm; 90mmX50mm; 90mmX45mm。 Generally speaking, these business card formats are the most commonly used, but the bleeding position should be paid attention to in the design, 2mm up, down, left and right
2. If the size of your finished product is not the size of the regular business card, please indicate the correct size you want in the document, and pay attention to leaving 2mm bleeding spaces in the document
3. The color mode should be CMYK. The image file is more than 350dpi
4. There is no need to draw crosshairs and cutting lines when the manuscript is completed
want to print the service products of the printing platform, including business cards, leaflets, posters, self-adhesive, card coupons, packaging boxes, cartons and other printed materials.

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