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Is the poster printed in RGB or CMYK?

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Should CMYK or RGB be used when printing posters and X frames? If professional, it should be CMYK. But I don’t know how serious the color difference of RGB will be? A friend said that the color will be brighter when using RGB mode. Is that the case?

choose CMYK mode. Cmky mode is the printing mode, while RGB mode is the three primary colors of color and light

CMYK is also called printing color mode, which is used for printing as the name suggests. It is a color registration mode used in color printing. Using the three primary color mixing principle of color materials and black ink, a total of four colors are mixed and superimposed to form the so-called “full-color printing”

RGB is designed from the principle of color luminescence. Generally speaking, its color mixing method is like three lights: red, green and blue. When their lights overlap with each other, the colors are mixed, but the brightness is equal to the sum of the two brightness. The more mixed, the higher the brightness is, that is, additive mixing

extended data:

differences between CMYK and RGB mode:

1. RGB mode is a luminous color mode, and you can still see the content on the screen in a dark room

2. CMYK mode is a color mode that relies on reflection. When we read a newspaper, we see the content only when the sun or light shines on the newspaper and then reflects it into our eyes. It needs an external light source. You can’t read newspapers if you’re in a dark room

as long as the image displayed on the screen is in RGB mode. As long as the image is seen on the printed matter, it is represented by CMYK mode. For example, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, posters, etc. are printed, so it is the CMYK model

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia CMYK

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia RGB

if printing with a printer, it must be in CMYK format, but RGB cannot be printed

printing is four-color overprint, that is, the percentage of CMYK four inks is overprinted into an image, and the color gamut is smaller than RGB,
so the RGB display is very bright, and the color will be dim after being converted to CMYK.

the plate making personnel of the printing company know that RGB mode cannot be used for printing. If you use RGB mode for design, you must also switch to CMYK mode during printing.

what your friend said is basically impossible. RGB is the color perceived by human vision. Generally speaking, the color displayed on your monitor is RGB. Printing is four colors of ink sprayed on paper, CMYK four colors of ink. If you use RGB, it will still be converted into CMYK to spray, because ink is always these four kinds. Therefore, there will be a deviation from what you see on the computer, so it is recommended that you use CMYK when color matching. Try to make it brighter in CMYK format.

it must be CMYK. RGB is the color mode of the display. It must be converted to CMYK when printing. If your picture is RGB, it will be very distorted

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