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Is the loan of packaging company reliable?

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packaging loan is a kind of loan wandering in the gray area, but this behavior is illegal in essence, because basically what needs to be packaged is problematic, and the loan you obtain through packaging is likely to constitute the crime of fraud

first, let’s talk about what is packaging loan. The so-called packaging loan is that individuals provide some basic materials. The so-called packaging company optimizes the materials, and then applies for a loan with these packaged materials

some people say that this packaging is just to optimize the materials needed by the bank, which is legal in essence, but this is only a superficial statement. The real situation must be that you have come to the packaging company, which shows that there are some problems with your materials

in order to get the loan smoothly, most packaging companies will beautify the materials, and some of them are even forged materials. There is only one purpose. Through these forged data and materials, they can achieve the purpose of lending

If forged materials are used to achieve the purpose of lending, it may constitute the crime of loan fraud

[crime of loan fraud] under any of the following circumstances, whoever swindles loans from banks or other financial institutions for the purpose of illegal possession, if the amount is relatively large, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also be fined not less than 20000 yuan but not more than 200000 yuan; If the amount involved is huge or if there are other serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined not less than 50000 yuan but not more than 500000 yuan; If the amount is especially huge or there are other especially serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years or life imprisonment, and shall also be fined not less than 50000 yuan but not more than 500000 yuan or be sentenced to confiscation of property:

(1) fabricating false reasons for the introduction of funds, projects, etc

(2) using a false economic contract

(3) using false supporting documents

(4) using false property right certificate as guarantee or repeated guarantee exceeding the value of the mortgaged property

(5) defrauding loans by other means

the loan needs to be cautious. Don’t fake it. Especially don’t easily listen to the promises of the third party. When something happens, you should bear it yourself

loans involve many qualifications

credit investigation and asset certificate of the borrower are required, such as vehicle registration certificate, real estate certificate and land use certificate, and business license is required for self-employed households

these qualifications are related to legal effect. The packaging company requires the borrower to register these asset certificates and finally pass the qualification examination of the lender

the risk of doing so is great. The key to the success of borrowing depends on the borrower’s repayment ability. If there is no repayment ability, obtaining loans through means will do great harm. Be cautious in words and deeds

this behavior is very dangerous

“package loan” is a kind of routine loan. It usually refers to the so-called packaging and upgrading of customers’ own credit through various illegal means, so as to obtain loans from banks and other financial institutions, and then earn the price difference. The customer finally got only a small change, but he owed a huge loan to the bank

online lending is risky, so you should be careful in your choice. If you need funds, you are recommended to handle it through a formal lending platform

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for this kind of packaging company, it is actually unreliable to want loans, because the packaging company itself makes money and loses money sometimes in a flash, so their work is relatively unstable

is the payment of the packaging company reliable? It’s not reliable. People who haven’t done things with him are not sure. If you want to know, you have to investigate in person

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