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Is the loan of Beijing’s packaging company reliable

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Is the loan of Beijing’s packaging company reliable

it’s better not to pack it. The bank will find out. Affect future loans. General bank’s requirements for credit investigation: at present, it cannot be overdue, it cannot be overdue twice within half a year, it cannot be overdue for three consecutive times within two years, and it has failed to repay on time for a total of six times
conditions for applying for loan business:
1. Natural persons aged 18-65
2. The borrower’s actual age plus the loan application period should not exceed 70 years old
3. Have the ability to stabilize career and income, and repay loan principal and interest on schedule
4. Good credit investigation and no bad record
5. Other conditions stipulated by the bank.

it is recommended to apply for loans through bank channels. You can try to apply through China Merchants Bank. Due to the different conditions and application materials required for each loan project. Please call 95555 at 8:30-18:00 and select 3 personal customer services – 3-3-8 to enter the manual service to provide loan purpose and city. Please learn more about the required information
whether the loan application is approved or not is subject to the comprehensive review result of the personal loan department of the handling bank.

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