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Is China Packaging creative design competition a national competition

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China Packaging creative design competition is a national competition

“China Packaging creative design competition” is the only competition with the seal of China Packaging Federation. Sponsored by China Packaging Federation, the competition is based on the whole country, facing the world and actively soliciting contributions

this competition is not only an authoritative competition in China’s packaging industry, but also a professional competition that has attracted much attention in China’s packaging industry, packaging education and visual graphic design education. The excellent works of the competition are also an important part of the construction of teaching resource database of the Ministry of Education and national vocational education

the competition carries out preliminary evaluation, re evaluation and final evaluation according to the international practice: the evaluation principle of fairness, notarization, item by item and merit selection. Continue to invite institutions as the evaluation organization to participate in the preliminary evaluation application of the competition, and select the reviewers of professional institutions in different regions to participate in the evaluation, so as to reduce the evaluation of the competition works due to regional differences and ensure the authority

extended data:

organization of China Packaging creative design competition:

1. Organizer: Packaging Engineering Committee of China Packaging Federation, packaging dynamics Professional Committee of China vibration engineering society, China Packaging Education Committee, China Packaging magazine, School of innovative design of China Academy of fine arts Hangzhou school Enterprise Alliance Technology Consulting Service Co., Ltd., Design Institute of Zhejiang dashengda Packaging Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yibin plas packaging materials Co., Ltd

2. Supporting units: packaging associations (packaging offices) of all provinces, autonomous regions and cities specifically designated in the state plan and their subordinate design committees, domestic packaging colleges, design and art colleges, design companies, packaging companies, etc

3. Supporting media: People’s Daily overseas network, China Packaging Federation network, world package cloud design website, Jianhe network, China design network, visual China, graphic China network, visual alliance network, I love competition network, packaging design network, Lu Junyi_ Design site, e-package China website, websites of some colleges and universities

reference source: China Packaging creative design competition website – “details of 2019 ‘China Packaging creative design competition”

it should be a national competition, but the registration fee is 80. If you win the prize, you have to pay 30 for the certificate and 30 for the express. It’s easy to win the prize, and the commercial atmosphere is too strong.

the whole country is national, but the garbage is about the same as the money. After the circle, I’ll give you a certificate

China Packaging creative design competition is a national competition

China Packaging creative design competition is a regular national competition held by China Packaging Federation every year, which has actively and effectively promoted the development of China’s packaging creative industry.

Yes, at present, the same competition is being held in the western region, i.e. box and cup Western packaging innovation design competition

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