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Do you have a comprehensive introduction to the inkjet machine and nozzle products, mainly the brand

maintenance skills of spray nozzle of spray painting machine
the problem of nozzle blockage during the use of spray painting machine is mainly “prevention first”. The best way to keep the nozzle in the best working condition is to do some appropriate and effective daily maintenance on the nozzle every day, which will greatly reduce the possibility of nozzle blockage
I: after the installation of the equipment and the maintenance of the nozzle at the initial stage of equipment startup
1 in order to make the nozzle enter the best action state, please print as many pictures as possible in one to two days before the equipment officially starts working, preferably CMYK four colors are used, and C, m, y and K four color test strips are added on both sides of the picture to ensure that all nozzles are always in the inkjet state
2 when spraying, it is best to take out the sponge in the cleaning end of the machine together with its bracket
2: how to maintain the nozzle after daily work
1 turn off the power of the equipment
2 clean the moisturizing sponge or fresh-keeping film with special cleaning solution, and then pour the cleaning solution on it
3 move the head of the inkjet printer back to the cleaning end of the machine and closely combine the nozzle with the moisturizing sponge or fresh-keeping film
4 keep the equipment in this state overnight
III: treatment method after finding that the nozzle is slightly blocked
1 after finding that the nozzle is slightly blocked during the operation of the inkjet printer, do not hesitate to stop printing, then use a vacuum cleaner or manual air pump to eject ink from the nozzle for nozzle cleaning, and then continue printing after cleaning
2 timely, decisive and thorough treatment of slight nozzle blockage is very important to maintain the best working state of the nozzle in the long-term printing process
3 in addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the nozzle and find out the cause of nozzle blockage
IV: treatment method in case of frequent nozzle blockage in the spray painting process
1 first stop the spray painting machine, and then move the head of the spray painting machine to the cleaning position
2 keep the equipment power on, connect the auxiliary ink cartridge to the trolley board of the machine head, and unplug all the signal lines of the float switch
3 pull out the ink supply pipe (auxiliary cartridge end) on the nozzle, and then use a glass syringe to draw special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle
4 after cleaning, plug in the ink supply pipe and float switch signal line again, and then continue the previously suspended printing job
V: when the above treatment methods have little or no effect temporarily
1 remove the nozzle from the leaf nozzle from the nozzle mounting frame
2 pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning liquid into a clean glass container, which should be submerged by 2-3mm at the bottom of the nozzle after being put into the nozzle, and then seal the glass container with fresh-keeping film (anti ash) and let it stand for more than one day
note: the signal interface at the top of the nozzle must not touch the cleaning fluid, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged
3 after the nozzle is soaked, use the ultrasonic cleaner for microwave vibration, pour an appropriate amount of clean nozzle special cleaning solution into the container of the cleaner, and then immerse the bottom of the nozzle in the cleaning solution for about 2-3mm, and then start the cleaner. Please choose a special nozzle cleaner. If you use a general ultrasonic cleaner, you must strictly control the time, which can not exceed five minutes at most, so as to prevent damage to the nozzle
note: do not use the washer more than three times continuously
4 draw 40ml special cleaning solution with a glass syringe and inject it from the interface of the ink supply pipe on the upper part of the nozzle. Pay attention to the state of the water line ejected from the nozzle. If all the water lines are straight, it means that the cleaning is effective, and the nozzle can continue to be used (provided that the circuit and piezoelectric crystal are intact). If some water lines are still skewed, it must be done several times according to the second and third steps
VI. treatment method when the equipment is expected to be out of use for several days
if the equipment is expected to be out of use for more than two days, the ink in the nozzle must be cleaned, otherwise the ink in the nozzle will dry due to the gradual volatilization of the solvent, and even cause irreversible damage to the nozzle. The treatment method is as follows:
1 turn off the power supply of the inkjet printer
2 move the machine head to the cleaning position and put a corrosion-resistant container under the nozzle to hold the cleaning waste liquid
3 use a glass syringe to draw out or directly pour out the ink in the auxiliary ink cartridge, and then use a special cleaning solution to clean the auxiliary ink cartridge
4 pull out the ink supply pipe (from the auxiliary ink cartridge) on the nozzle, and then use the glass syringe to extract the special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle for several times. Finally, do not blow out the residual cleaning solution in the nozzle. Be sure to leave enough cleaning solution inside the nozzle, because the cleaning solution can keep the nozzle warm
5 put the treated nozzle into a clean corrosion-resistant container and seal it for storage.

introduction of xaar126 /128 /500, spectra, Konica and SPT nozzles
in the spray painting industry, industrial piezoelectric nozzles have made great development and progress in the past ten years. From the original printing of simple labels to the spray painting of wide pair pictures, and from low precision to high precision, the output of the first mate is nothing more than another leap in the spray painting industry
as the spray painting industry, piezoelectric nozzles have influence in the market. They are Xaar company in the UK, spectra company in the US, Konica company in Japan and Seiko SPT company in Japan. The specific use of nozzles produced by each company in the Chinese market is introduced below
1. Xaar
the main nozzles produced by Xaar company in the UK include Xaar128, xaar500, xaar126, xaar380, xaar760 and other models
a. Xaar128 nozzle is the earliest and the most widely used print head in the market. It has five models:
xaar128-200 (80), 200dpi, 0.54m/s. The color of identification is blue (commonly used in the market)
xaar128-200 + (80-W) 200dpi. The color of identification is purple
xaar128-360 (40-w), 360dpi, The color identified by 0.39 M /S is gray (commonly used in the market)
xaar128xl (40-8.3), 360dpi, the color identified by 0.59 M /S is dark gray
xaar12840-5.5, and the color identified by 360dpi is black
this type of nozzle has 128 pipes, the mesh of the internal filter screen is large, the ink dot particles are large, about 80pl, and the nozzle has poor adaptability to the outside world, The nozzle voltage cannot be controlled by software due to temperature change, so its service life is greatly shortened compared with other nozzles
b.xaar500 is the nozzle with the best usability, stability and operability at present. Its width pair is 70mm and there are 500 pipes. There are two resolution modes:
the speed of xaar500-180 can reach 0.51m/s, the ink drop size is 80 PL
the speed of xaar500-360 can reach 0.56m/s, and the ink drop size is 40 PL
xaar500 is a highly integrated nozzle developed after Xaar128, The manufacturing process has also been greatly improved. The number of spray holes and service life are nearly four times higher than Xaar128. Xaar500 has the ability to electronically switch different inks. The same nozzle can print different colors from different ink supply systems
in sequence. Its advantages also lie in easy installation and simple color matching. Because it has two resolution modes, it has different gray scales, but its market price is high, and the domestic retail price is 20000 yuan /piece, The domestic machine zhongcaishen is quite successful in adopting xaar500 series, but its market share is relatively small due to its high price compared with the domestic inkjet market
c.xaar126 is a highly integrated nozzle launched after Xaar128 and xaar500. It retains the characteristics of low cost of Xaar128 nozzle, inherits the test of long life of xaar500, and has the advantage of adjustable nozzle voltage in software The specific advantages of xaar126 are as follows:
there are three commonly used models:
the speed of xaar126 /80 (200) 200dpi can reach 6m /s to identify the color: the old model is blue back, and now the new model is silver gray aluminum alloy with 126 /80 (commonly used model in the market)
the speed of xaar126 /50 (300) 300dpi can reach 6m /s to identify the color: the old model is green back, Now the new model is silver gray aluminum alloy, which is marked with 126 /50
xaar126 /35 (600) 600dpi. The speed can reach 6 meters /second, the droplet size is 35pl, and the ignition frequency is 9KHz. The identification color is silver gray metal color
in addition, Hangzhou Honghua and some factories have inkjet machines that use the latest xaar130 /600 nozzle, which is not seen on Searle’s website, but aluminum alloy material, the droplet size is 30pl, and the ignition frequency is 9.3k, The dotting speed is 5m /s, and the shape and technical parameters are close to the 126 /35 model. It is estimated that it is the 126 /30 model. However, domestic manufacturers choose their own names and make some technical designs
A. improved accuracy and speed The accuracy of Xaar128 is up to 360dpi, while the accuracy of xaar126 is up to 400DPI, and the fast hissing speed is 660mm /s. The biggest difference between Xaar128 and Xaar128 is that the ink is electronically switched to solvent type without replacing the nozzle, and there is a fluctuation control device inside to minimize the impact of ink fluctuation on the printing effect during acceleration or deceleration
B. strong adaptability. Due to the change of external factors (ink, temperature, etc.), xaar126 has advanced control function and can flexibly and conveniently adjust and control different external factors
C. installation and maintenance. Xaar126 has a unique design framework and special module, which makes its installation and calibration very simple and convenient. At the same time, the nozzle is also designed with two inlet and outlet ports to eliminate the filling and ink replacement procedures caused by the installation or replacement of the nozzle
D. stability and cost. The service life of xaar126 nozzle is basically more than one year, which is properly maintained and has a longer service life. In production, due to its good adjustable performance, the phenomena of ink breaking, ink flying and nozzle burning are greatly reduced, making the printing picture more stable. According to the current market sales price, its cost price is more competitive than Xaar128 price
d.xaar128 + (except for xj-128-80 in 128 Series) is a newly developed variety based on Xaar128 recently developed by Saier company. Its pipeline has 128 holes. For example, xaar128-200 and xaar128-360 are representative works of this kind of nozzle
A. limitations. Because its nozzle is similar to Xaar128 nozzle, but compared with Xaar128 and xaar126 nozzle, its ignition frequency is significantly higher than the former, and the requirements for ink are also more stringent. The ink is often broken when using general 128 ink. There are only three or four ink manufacturers suitable for its use in China, which is twice the cost of Xaar128 and xaar126 ink. The high ink price is the biggest limitation. In addition, the nozzle height is also the biggest factor affecting its limitations. The adjustable height of Xaar128 + nozzle is very low. If the mechanical performance cannot be designed properly, the nozzle will often be scratched when the first mate outputs the picture
B. stability. Because all the nozzles produced by Saier company are made of Teflon materials, the stable performance of Xaar128 + can not be guaranteed, and the accuracy will be reduced after 3 months of use, or even can not be produced at all. In addition, its inherent limitations have greatly reduced its market competitiveness, which is also the biggest reason for customers to lose confidence
Xaar 64 is mainly used in

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